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Wich Striker would you like next to Amoroso???

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who do you want next to our Brazilian ace?
Im lazy so im not making up canidates for you:) you have to make them up yourself:)

Oh yeah and get real so no Raul, Shevshenko or Vieri please!

My picks would be:

1 Muzzi(me love him, but who said Sosa can't score...)
2 Montella(nuff said)
3 Milocevic(heavy,tall,great finishing!)
4 Elber(great copple)
5 Flo(why not? altough i like milocevic more)
6 Koller(can you imagne him in a head to head duel with Couto?:))
7 Kluivert(i just had to mention him:))

Who i don't want at Parma

1 Salas
2 Salas
3 Salas
4 Salas
5 Salas

Whats your pick?
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Simone Inzaghi is just as old as Totti, Nesta and Ronaldo and just one year younger than Crespo and Veron. So he's hardly some promising player for the future anymore.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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