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Why will Italy fail on Euro 2000?

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Because Zoff is a joke.
Anyone who watch his 22 can say that.The man couldn't benefit from Lazio's success.I mean more Lazio players in the squad could give him winners' mentality.But no, there's 2 Lazio players, and 7 from Juventus who are still traumatic after the loss of the scudetto_OK I know Lazio hasn't much good Italian players but he could include Pancaro and Simone.Also he excluded Fuser who isn't in great form, but still way better than Albertini.Ambrosini will never play well at high level simply cause he's a badplayer.Di Livio ,Conte? You must be joking.His midfield is soooo bad.He could drafted young guns Gattuso, Pirlo, etc.In attack he called 3 Roma players who will never do anything well at international level cause they are losers.And there's DP who scored actually not so long ago.And SuperPippo - who is supposed to be the main striker for Italy? There is celebration in each team in Italy when he signs a new contract in Juve. I don't know.If Zoff wins the euro 2000 with this squad I'll admit he's a genious.But ...
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As much of a Laziale as it is plain to see, I am also biancoceleste through and through! However, I think its time now to band together with ALL of the Italian Supporters from ALL of the Serie A teams and cheer on our Azzurri!!! The team has been chosen and no matter what team has been chosen, not everyone will be happy! If Zoff wins this tournament, some will say he chose very wisely others will say he is lucky! He has a tough job, as long as he gets the result i dont really mind who he chooses, in the end everybody on the team where's the Azzuri of Italia! FORZA ITALIA!!!!!

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