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Simply Coz There is alot of Argentinians youth players who is expected to dominate the world of football for ages to come.

Romi, Aimar, Saviola, Cambiasso, Coloccini, Arca and all of the ones who play in Europe or play in Argentina and people in Europe already heard of them are no longer a prospectus although the future ahead of them.

Whom I consider as a future stars:

1- Andreas D'Allesandro.
2- Fernando Cavenaghi.
3- Maxi Rodriquez.
4- Maxi Lopez.
5- Nicolás Andrés Burdisso.
6- Joel Enrique Barbosa.
7- Fabbro Jonathan.
8- Carlos Alberto Tevez.
9- Christian Morale.
10- Gaston Machine.
11- Hugo Roberto Colace.
12- Leonardo Nicolás Pisculichi.
13- Walter Montillo.
14- Roberto Oscar Cornejo.
15- Marioa Santana.
16- Alejandro Damián Domínguez.
17- Adrian Romero.
18- Iván Borghello.
19- Saja.
20- Patricio Perez. ( This one is amazing player ).
21- Alejandro Marcelo Iglesias.
22- Fernando Leonel Alvares. ( Another Amazing player ).
23- Horacio Javier Pinola.
24- Sebastián Alejandro Mongioi.
25- Jorge Arnaldo Torales.
26- Nicolás Ayr.
27- Eloy Colombano.
28- Lucas Mauricio Bustos.
29- Diego Herner.
30- Cristian Pereyra.
31- Pablo Martín Monsalvo.
32- Claudio Rubén Guerra.
33- Emanuel Benito Rivas.
34- Maximiliano Ayala.
35- Jeremías Caggiano.
36- Mauricio Romero.
37- Cristian Fabbiani.
38- Lucas Alberto Correa.
39- Pablo Andrés Ferrari.
40- Pablo Ledesma.
41- Damián Álvarez.
42- Deigo Manso. ( IMHO he is the greatest among them)

That is why Argentines are not really worry about the present squade that lost the World Cup in its early stages.

Czar, you are the expert and the grandmaster of this forume and specially when it comes the youngsters Argentina has.

If you have any additions please post them.

Vamous Argentina :fero:

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We need a good coach such as Bilardo or Basile.

I see the good coach in Cuper, Bianchi and Pekerman.
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