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Look now!

We are buing so many youngsters that we are totally forgetting our upcomming season!!!!

Youngsters are for the future...but what will happen next season????? Why arent we buying som deffenser???

Blanc????? How can he hold on 34 other games + the CH and the Italian cup?????

He will get injured and the we´r stuck!!!!!
We got to buy a good deffens......a replacment for Blanc!!!

I hope that you agree!!!!
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I don´t know what you´re talking about. Inter have signed Bruno Cirillo and now we also have Matteo Ferrari. And we are very close of signing Materazzi.
That gives us: Simic,Blanc,Cordoba,Lombardi,Domoraud,Ferrari,Cirillo and maybe Materazzi.
Do we really need more defenders?
Blanc is the boss of the defence.Cordoba isas good as him,perhaps better but he doesn't have the experience of Blanc.
To replace Blanc,a young player is the best.In calcio,there are Cannavaro,Nesta and Thuram.BUT it 's impossible to buy them.I don't know what Lippi will do.
But for me,Blanc can do his work very good next year.
And we are also trying to sign ferdinand from westham
Ferdinand would be a great buy. I think he'll develop into a great defender in a few years.

But I think you guys already have a very good defence. Blanc-Cordoba-Simic is as good as any other defence in Serie A, and now you have some depth with your recent purchases.
Ferdinand is no man to Italy...
Blanc will could hold nother 34 games+CL+COPPA
He is no.1 ! ( He is no.5, but u know what i mean?!?)
He is the man who keeps our defence from falling apparte...
this is my dream defense

abdul, your dream defense doesn't include cordoba! cordoba has proved already that he's one of the best defenders in serie a.
Even though I'm a Milan fan, I don't see how Costacurta can make it onto anyone's dream defence. Maybe a few years ago, but not at this point in his career. In fact, I think his career is over.:(
Bily and Blanc, I don't give them more than one year together. And Nesta as a right back? Better try for Cannavaro there.
is crillio good???????????

What are you saying????
Can Cirillo and Ferrari and Matteo replace Blanc, Simic,Cordoba when they are injured???

Look Recoba!!! We need atleast ONE class-defencer!!!!
I´d looooove to se Canavaro but I know that´s impossible, bu hey, we´v got Moratti!!!!!

I´m not saying that Cirillo and co. are bad, but they are to young!!!!
It´s Matteo Ferrari not only Matteo. We have Domoraud who is nearly 30. Isn´t that experience then I don´t know. Cirillo is 23 and that´s not to young. Nesta is only 24 and he has been one of the best defenders for many years. So I have no doubts above our defenders. I don´t think that every defender will get injured at the same time either.

And abdul. Costacurta but not Cordoba?
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