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I cant help but feeling that Lazio sometimes makes stupid transfers, or atleast try. I mean, for the latest weaks, which are the players rumoured to go to Lazio?
Well, Pippo, Rivaldo, Batigol, Paramatti, Anelka, whom by the way Juve is after and then it wont take long before Cragnotti will be there. All these players are not what Lazio really needs. Why cant the newspapers one morning say: Thuram, Buffon, Davids, Sheva, Raul, Cannavaro or Owen signs for Lazio. Perhaps i´m not fair but Cragnotti got the money and I feel he is wasting them.
Actually I dont know if I want Lazio to buy back Vieri. It will cost a fortune. It will cost us almeyda plus somebody. He will not play more than, as a maximum, 20 games.

But I must say, for this season, we didn´t buy anybody who turned out to be crap. But for the next season im worried. The most stupid thing yet must be 5 Lazio players against 4 inter players. I think it was baggio, peruzzi, vieri, seedorf against half of our starting 11. Come on. Ok, I realize that these kind of transfers wont happen, but just reading that someone is suggesting them is frustrating.

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