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why roy evans never made it!??

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he bought leonhardsen,paul ince,bjornebye,kvarme,babb, mcateer,heggem , friedel, ...etc....

bjornebye ,ince made gd impression at first but then completely faded out

heggem is the only one that seems real gd and out of the lot!!
the others are just crap!!

i think he was too leniant with the players and didn't have any real power and discipline over them!!
doesn't seem to have a real knowledge of tactics...and then depended too much on overrated players like macca,james,...
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I dont know about the rest,but I always like Leonhardsen and McAtear (I almost cried when he left Liverpool...) and I think Friedel is a fair keeper.At least better than Mr.Lara Croft...what an idiot!

The work rate of Leonhardson and Mcateer were excellent, but other than that neither of them had much about their game!
Out of the list of players there, only two of them would stand a chance of remaining as squad players (Heggem and Ince - except for his attitude), the rest of them are more suited to teams like Southampton or Bradford!
The only one of the players that is (or was) a top class international player is Ince, the others are just average players!
I think Houlliers signings are the sign of a manager that knows what he is doing. The only exception would be Ferri, he was a poor player.
Which of Evans signings would you all rate as the best signing he made?

I'd suggest Stan Collymore, despite all his problems, he always performed for Liverpool, his goal ratio was something like one every two games for us, which is not at all bad.
the ebst signing evans made is surely that of heggem and berger!!!!!no doubt!!!
berger should have played in centre midfield instead of left winger....or else as striker!

ince,babb,leonhardsen,bjornebye made great impression in their 1st season but then completely lost form.....

i remember babb playing as left back,he was very impressive..the only thing he wasnt gd was his passing...but if not very few opponents went past him!now almsot anbody can!!!!!same for bjornebye wh`s become so slag and lazy!
I agree about Berger actually, it slipped my mind that it was Evans that signed him!!! :)

As for Heggem, was he not signed at the time that Houllier and Evans were in joint control?
i don't think so!!
i think heggem was the last signing of evans when he was still the sole manager !!
while houillier and evans were together..i think they brought jean michel ferri,song...who else!??
Bjornebye was a Souness signing way back in 1992.

Taken from the official LFC Website

Vegard Heggem was the first signing of Roy Evans and Gérard Houllier in their roles of joint managers and he soon repaid the faith shown in him by performing to a consistently high standard for the Reds.
With his former club Rosenborg set to qualify for the Champions League, Heggem passed up the chance of competing in the biggest European competition of them all for the chance to pursue a career with Liverpool, seeing off the competition of Rob Jones, Bjorn Kvarme and Jason McAteer to make the right back position his own.

Equally comfortable either as an orthodox right back or as a right sided wing back, Heggem's high energy performances endeared him to the Liverpool fans while his ability to attack as well as he defends soon made him a vital member of the Reds' line-up.

He also showed an ability to score goals as well with one strike in particular at Middlesbrough during the 1998/99 season being shown time and again on television. A regular at international level with Norway, he even managed to score on his international debut against France during the 1998/99 season. Heggem was a member of the World Cup squad in
France in 1998 but injury robbed him of the chance to play a prominent role in Norway's matches.
He once again started the 1999/2000 season in the starting line-up for Liverpool and, while fellow Norwegian Oyvind Leonhardsen left for Spurs and with Bjorn Tore Kvarme seemingly on his way out, Heggem ensured that Liverpool's once thriving Norwegian contingent continued to perform well at Anfield, despite losing his place in the starting line-up to the more defensively minded Rigobert Song.


I think that Houlliers first sole signing was Ferri (his only mistake?), then followed Traore and Kippe. I'm unsure as to if Song was one of Houlliers sole signings or a joint one with Evans, if it was a joint one, it was certainly Houlliers influence that brought that signing about.
I would argue that Evans didn't seem to have much of a clue in defence, with signings such as Babb, Scales and Kvarme. I think the only decent defender we had, he sold, and this was Neil Ruddock, if only he could have kept his weight down he may have become Liverpool's answer to Tony Adams. Who could forget his equallising goal in that 3-3 game against the mancs where Nigel Clough played his one good game for us!!
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yeah neil ruddock was the only tough defender we had while evans was in sole charge..and the silly fellow sold him!!!

hey do u think we should have kept leonhardsen!???he was playing well at the end of last season!
I think Leonhardsen sahould have stayed...and if you ask me I woud put more faith in Steve Harkness.Never really liked the guy but he sometimes used to impress me,not very often though :)

Pity Jason McAteer wasnt a left back...

i think houillier wanted to make leohardsen stay...
but anyway i think we are very very well stuffed on the right wing..smicer,thompson,heggem..all quality players as well as the upcoming partridge..
so leonhardsen would probabbly just be a back-up..while at spurs he's in 1st team...
i really like his high working rate though..

i was kinda sad when i heard mcateer was leaving..he was playing ok here but never the form he had at bolton!too bad....
has he ever played in central midfield here!??

about steve harkness...i was so so glad he left!!no believe me..houillier made a real good choice in selling him!he made some silly mistakes...

hey did anyone see kvarme play at st etienne!???hey he looks good there!!!
i think it was his small physical frame that made it hard for him at adapt..
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