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Why my thread has been closed?????

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No reason for that. And that is simply impenitency in using your right as a Moderator.

Well Ze, this year should have been the greatest ever, and I would have really care for it if it fair and square, but the way this world cup went, its simply suck and sick, and I do not know why the feck you are happy, watta great achievement beating china , costarica, turkey and belguim with the refs help...

Buddy you are history, and when the FIFA wants to ruin football, and fake a cup, there is no better fools than you brazilians.

Go lick your 1912,1915 ,1962 or I do not know which one you will chose to lick from these lithic time trophies you have won.

Do not fool your self, it is not a world cup, it is a stupid silly joke, and you are a part of it.......

Just be ashamed of your self :yuck::yuck:
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We beat england , that beat you.
NObody from your group is in the semis. OUr group , out of the 2 teams taht went through.....the 2 are in the semis....the best group of the WC.....and we are the best team....while yours is only the 18th best team of the world!:tongue: :D :D :D :D
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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