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i just don't get it!!
he's one of the most influential ,important and best players we have and everton is willing to sell him!!!

i think he's demanding 15,000 a wk ....and everton has only offered 12k!
and then we go for mark hughes and pay him 15k!!!

that's weird!!!
without mark hughes we could have even paid don 30k a wk!!!

now i hear smith is interested in mcallister...

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I don't mean to be funny but I think that Hutch is the best player Everton have got (even better than Barmby) and Smith should play him.
S Hughes is not as good and McAllister (I heared the rumour too) is too old. Everton could be a good team again if they built it around Ball, Hutch and Jeffers.
Give Hutch as much money as he wants as he is the most under-rated player in the prem (along with Savage).

I also heared that they want 3 mil for Hutch - that is a joke. I don't think S Hughes is better than him.

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yeah that is really weird!!!!
stephen hughes is just a promising youngster hutchinson is much better and to me, he is the ideal captain for everton right now!!

i don't get it how they pay 3M for somebody (hughes) who doesn't seem as gd as hutchinson!???

i'll be so mad if they let him go...

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I think this is a typical club vs player stand-off.
Everton THINK they have made a reasonable offer and don't want to go any higher. Whereas Hutchison thinks the offer is unreasonable and wants a better one or he'll leave.
Unfortunately, both parties seem quite stubborn and it's looking likely that Hutch doesn't have a future at Everton. :(
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