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Why I'll be cheering on Spurs and Man U...

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I think it's about time the others slipped up, and this weekend could well be the time!

I'll be cheering on Spurs in the hope that they can take some points off the Scousers (although the spineless clowns will probably just roll over. :groan: )

I'll be cheering on Man U because if they beat Ipswich, Bolton will be guaranteed Premiership status. They will then roll over for us on Monday 'cause they will be hungover and won't have anything to play for!

However, I'd hardly be in tears if Man U or Spurs lost, so this weekend is win-win for us! :excited:

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Well it is a simple as this, if Liverpool lose to the Scum and Man U draw to Ipswich, then all we have to do is beat Bolton and we will be crowned Champions at the Reebok Stadium.
Liverpool have been a bit dodgy lately and I see the Spurs game as a potential banana skin for them. As for Man U, because they only managed a draw on wednesday night with Leverkusen they will be fielding a weakened team at Portman Road on Saturday and with Ipswich needing all 3 points that game could be very interesting.

I predict;

Spurs 1-1 Liverpool
Ipswich 2-1 Man U
Bolton 0-2 Arsenal

That would mean the top 3 would look like this;

Arsenal------------81 points
Liverpool----------75 points
Man U--------------73 points

If I am correct with my predictions, and I have been succesful in the past, Man U will be out of the title race and we will be 6 points clear with 2 games remaining and because we have a superior goal difference than Liverpool it should be enough to clinch the Title.
So basically I think we will win the Championship this Monday.
Imagine travelling to Old Trafford as Champions, that would be the best scenario. We will be singing, 'Champions! Champions! and 'Who the f*ck are Man United etc....' That would really hurt them. Also by then they would have been knocked out of the Champions League by Leverkusen, so Man U and Liverpool will win nothing this season, now that would be the perfect ending to a wonderful season!:D :tongue:
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well...if this scenerio happens then we're stuffed
man utd beats ipswich ( they get relegated )
liverpool beats spurs

( this is a most likely outcome although i dont like it:rolleyes: )
then that means when liverpool verses ipswich, ipswich wouldnt care cose they're gone!
To win the Premiership at OT would a huge slap in the face to those mancs... But to win it before than WOW! Manchester will win on the weekend, but Liverpool won't.
The best scenario would be if everyone wins this weekend, and we travel to Old Trafford to win the championship.

After we lost 6-1 there last year, imagine if we had known that the next time we went to play Man Utd at OT it would be to take their trophy back to Highbury!
I cant see the spermz beating Liverpool :( but I have a feeling the Tractor Boys might take a point from Manure :) Whatever, it's going to be an interesting weekend !
"well...if this scenerio happens then we're stuffed
man utd beats ipswich"

If that happens, Bolton are up and will have nothing to play for!

I think it's a real possibility that Man United and Liverpool will slip up, and this will give Arsenal a massive advantage when they take the field against Bolton. If Spurs draw with Liverpool, then Arsenal will need to win Bolton and draw only one more game after that. But if Spurs beat Liverpool and Arsenal beat Bolton then the championship is decided.

It's very possible that Ipswich will beat Man U- after their spirited display at Highbury and despite defeat in that they'll be encouraged against United and Liverpool, and besides United will probably be jaded when they face them. That plus Sunderland's poor form and slipping confidence (and the fact their arch-rivals Norwich made the play-offs :eek: :D) will surely spur them on.
All im worried about is Arsenal playing Bolton.Manu and Liverpool cant do anything if we keep winning!It would be better to win the League at old trafford.Imagine if the final whistle went and Arsenal win the league against manu!Wen can run into the trophy cabinate!Smash it and steel there Premier league trophy,and lift it in there seroundings

How nice would that be
I dont actually think either are going to slip up this weekend.

The Spurs are spineless clowns as Gooner.com said, and they'll roll over and die before they aid our championship challenge.

I think that Ipswich will be relegated at the weekend, as I cant see them beating ManUre, especially after their game in midweek with Leverkusen.
After this weekend the premiership will be between Arsenal and Liverpool. Sperzzzzzzzzz will roll over and let the Scousers tickle their belly, Man Utd will be concentrating on Tuesday and Ipswich will be WELL up for it.

On a side note: Looked at your Kanu's left boot messages, JLE. One question.......Ed, Edd and Eddy fan? Just wondered why the reference to Powdered toast....? Plank is the coolest.


I'll pass all over your ass pretty boy!

The reference to Powdered Toast Man is from Ren and Stimpy.

The crazy duo run out of Powdered Toast and are left needing a timely intervention for Breakfast time superhero Powdered Toast Man, who replenishes their Powdered Toast with a shake of his Toasty cranium.

"Stimpy you Idiot!"
JLE: I remember it now.....R&S were very cool for a while....my favourite being 'Space Madness'......then they kinda waned after John kruikfalusi left:nerd:. Now I LIVE for the Cartoon Network!

Back to the point.....I do think we'll win the Championship at OT, but not with the result people think.....I seriously fancy Graeme Souness' Blackburn boys to get a result against them, rendering the result against ManUre meaningless and the title race over!


I'd do it myself but I put my back last night humping your mom...noonch!
well i think its about time for liverpool to stuff up
maybe the "stuffup" will kik in today
i remember before against easy teams they couldnt do it right
have some bad days
lets hope they have one
I agree with Gareth let's just win our next two games and clinch it at OT :D .

Imagine them close up shots of Mancs crying :D

For the lucky gooners there it would be almost like Anfield '89

When the whistle went the Stretford End would be empty with the Umbro markings clear to see :D

Alex would have to splutter some sporting words :D

But that's just fantasy let's make sure we win at the Reebok first :cool:
And the final score is...

Tottenham 1 Liverpool 0 (Poyet 41)

Much as I loathe Spurs, I have to say they deserved their win today. They had nothing to play for and were more relaxed, but looked like they had a point to prove. For once they actually played football, and deserved more than their one goal.

In contrast, Liverpool were decidedly jaded, nervous and looked like a team under pressure. They could never get their act together and wasted every opportunity given to them. That's it, this means that ARSENAL WILL BE CHAMPIONS if and when they win at Bolton.
The Swedish tele text has put a bad joke up, It says Spurs-Liverpool 1-0, F/T.
The Swedish Canal plus did the same and showed some pictures from a made up game bettwen Spurs and Liverpool in wich Spurs beat Liverpool with 1-0.
Anyone who can tell me the real result in this match ? :D :D
Don't worry, that was the real result. You're just 90 minutes away from PARTYING!! :D :D
Yeah ok, I begin to belive it more and more :D .
I`m really glad that it was Poyet who scored, If it had been Sheringham I don`t know if it had been worth it.
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