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You know in alot of sports these days (esp. here in the states) you here things how for example the NFL wanted to see the Patriots in the super bowl because of the 9-11 situation, or how the NBA will like to have a clasic finals with the celtics-lakers, will in my personal view you all know FIFA wants to see either Argentina, Brazil, Italy, France, or England in the finals, when if you think about it you think they should favor Portugal. Why? I'll tell you why. 1. Look at the size of Portugal compared to the 5 I named above, you would think FIFA would want a country that small to win, hey like in alot of occasions biggers not always better,;) , but i guess in FIFA's eyes they are. 2. Another reason is Portugal as what an estimated population of what 10 million people, and a country that small can produce more superstar players then any of the 5 above something as got to be in the water. And my third and final reason is their is Portuguese immigrants in every cornor of the world. Yes the United States do have a huge number of Latino Americans, but Latin AMerica isnt a country it pretty much is every country in the south of north america, and every country in south america. There are huge numbers of Portuguese people in the Boston,Providence,Hartford, New York, New Jersey,Florida, California, and more in the States, In canada there is tons in Toronto,Vancouver,Montreal,Winnipig, and more, Theres even Portuguese people in england, luxemburgo, france, switzerland, brazil, angloa, mozambique, cape verde, timor, macao, australia, and others. Now do u think why FIFA shouldnt want portugal as world champs.
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