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Why doesn't Sanz...

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do the same thing Parma's director did. he is the woner of Brazilian Palmeiras and he can therefore bring in young brazilian talents for nothin(ALEX for 2 mln $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ amazing!). I think Real should think fo such a move, it could do us a world of good...on the other hand football loses it's meaning :(
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I think clubs don't sign the young brazilians because they are as unpredictable and moody characters as they're talented. You never know what will you end up with. What did you have in mind when said that football is losing it's meaning?
Well, it would suck pretty badly if let's say Sanz was the president of:
Real Madrid
All fo them at the same time...if so, football would lose it's meaning :(
I think Juve did a similar thing but it is used in a similar way to Real M's b-side. Players are put there to get competative games under their belt and they get the pick of the good players of that team.
Talk about a guy who wants to own the world and you come up with Murdoch. He owns shares with Leeds, Man City and offered to buy Man U. Edwards (the nob) accepted on the spot (anything for a quick buck) but the government would not allow due to monnopaly laws (thank god). It's true that football is not about the fans anymore who have turned in to consumers. Business men or shareholders own the club now not fans and this has resulted in the strife for profit. Edwards for example, said after the Van Nistelrooy buy that they would have to sell a striker to get another player as football is a business and at the end of the day the club needs to balance its books. Yep, the chairman of the richest club in the world who have the highest sponserhip, attendance and following in the PL is moaning about balancing the books.
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