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Why doesn't Georgatos play?

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I think that Georgatos is a great machine in the hands of any coach in the world, and I don't understand why Cooper doesn't let him play. What do you think?


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Well, Georgatos was rated pretty highly a couple of years ago but that's basically because he had great offensive skills and this year his offensive power has failed him which leaves him with nothing to work with. :eek: Here are a couple of reasons why the team has been without Georgatos alot of times:

1- He's been injured.

2- He's done more to help the other teams and most of the team when he was in the left flank with Chino they killed us.. for example, you can take the Bologna win 2-1 over us.

3- He's always homesick. :tongue:
Oops, I forgot to add another reason:

- Our new superstar named Guly is a left back ever since our Atalanta game this morning and is gonna rock the world, according to Hector Cuper. :rolleyes:
Georgatos doesn't play because he simply can't defend!!!!!
i guess he is injuried because he wasn't called up for the atalanta game...but injuried or not, it doesn't matter because he has sucked so much this season... :yuck: he isn't the same old geo we saw last year...
Georgatos doesn't play just becauz he is WORSE even then Gresko!
yeah, Gresko is somewha better in his defending... but Geo will leave... probably to bayern, who will give us Lizarazu in exchange... but we will also have to add cash...

But I really liked him, and I do not think he he has been that bad this season... only limited chances... since according to Cuper, Guly is our star-player...
Georgatos is very good and if he doesn't play well I'm sure that there is a reason. I don't know what. Maybe homesick, that's a good reason for him!


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Georgatos posseses one of the best crosses in the world but thats all about it. He is a defender who can't defend to save his life and that is not acceptable in Greece- let alone Italy.
Well,I´m sorry to tell you but Geo has completely sucked for the whole season! He has togheter with Guly been our worst player this season,and it´s very weird considering how great he was in his first spell with Inter.

But now he has no skills whatsoever,except for some pace maybe. He can´t cross,he can´t defend and his tackles are so brutal it´s scary. Appareantly he was this bad when he returned back to Greece too,so for the Greeks this wasn´t a surprise (talking about Amo :D).

Homesick can´t be it. I´m sure that people can still cross some balls with being homesick. He was at his first season with Inter. He has just lost it. We knew he wasn´t good defensively,and that his strenght was in offence but the man hasn´t been good offensively. That makes him completely useless for us.

I´m just being honest and Geo used to be my favourite player (you can even check one of my oldest posts to see that!),but he has honestly turned into a complete crap player with no skills whatsoever. It´s a shame of course since he´s one of the best left sided player I´ve ever seen.

Even when he hadn´t played for months and finally got his chance against Bologna,you would think he wanted to show that he is worthy of being a starter again. But even then he looked totally unmotivated and again putted up a sh!t performances. That was also his latest match for Inter.
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Georgatos is very good and if he doesn't play well I'm sure that there is a reason. I don't know what. Maybe homesick, that's a good reason for him!
were u referring to the old geo??? :confused:
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