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I am losing my will to follow professional sport and futball
in todays sport money rules not loyalty.
buy a trophy buy a team buy a player.........
no loyalty no tradition no care for the fan.......
team chnage 20 to 40% from season to season, how i dreamed of lazio building a dynasty on it's exisiting players, even Grag said there would be no changes well....his word dont carry water.

some of you will argue lazio needs to change and get better, I agree but wholesale changes aren't the same thing, and many of the legendary teams of the past had a core nucleus of players that grew together fought together won together......well thats no.....more. very sad

big money may bring trophies but lacks passion and loyalty. and we the fans lose.

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Sad but true :(

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The football has developed into this and to stop it there has do be created some kind of limit. If Lazio stop buying players they wont be in the top anymore.

Loyalty DO exist but perhaps not in the same way as before.

Football has developed and so must the fans. We just have to accept this boring fact that money rules.
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