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For those who are mad about the deal, please understand it first.

Crespo is valued 55+ million dollars
Sergio and Almeyda are very much less than that, and Parma wanted the players more than the money. So their speculation was they wanted 2 players + money which would closen the value of the player

do you think its easy to buy such a player, you need to comprimise to recieve such a player. and do u think its easy for Parma to give away their best Striker, no it isnt. So they push up the price and put speculations for the deal to be worth it, and it was worth it

If anyone will be mad its for Sergio not Almyeda beacause he already wanted to leave and signed for Parma sometime back, and sergio didnt wanted to leave, but thats football nowadyas, and this is how it goes.

its not about 2 players for one. its about their values, I mean if we had 5 players valued 50 million we would exchange them + over 5 million dollars to get Crespo, understand that.

For Cragnotti to bring Crespo was a challenge, a challenge and a risk he wanted to take where the results will be fruitfull, and all is stil to be seen.
Do you think its easy for Cragnotti to buy us the world class striker that we need. there isnt much of them out there, they are very few and Crespo is one of them, you must know that Lazio went ofr Vieri (also Trezeguet) before, but it didnt work out as it should.

And I would like to rasie a point, we support the team, we support the jersey, not the players.

and we only can be mad about this deal and others in one condition. If it didnt reach expectations in the coming season.

Vieri was sold for 50 million, lots of Lazio fans were mad, but see where inter went, and where Lazio went.

Dont judge on just the deals, wait for the result.

Besides Crespo Saved our a$$ , if it wasnt him we would not have won the league that easily, just remember his great goal against juve in the last seconds of the match.
Now thats a world class player :D

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I am happy to because he is what we needed.
he will score 25 or more goals us and then all of them will be saying "I WAS HAPPY TO" whan we win Scudetto and Champions League:):):)

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Well I am happy for Crespo joining Lazio, but mad on the price we paid for him. Noone is worth two excellent misfielders + 13 millions $. NOONE, remember what i say :p
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