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i keep on wondering why we have to buy every year 5-10 new players. surely, this policy has brought a lot of problems in our game becasue the players are forced to adjust to each other every season. the club management should buy all neccesery players and start to build up a team who will be the ruler for years.
i can hear that lazio want to buy loads of new players for the new season and i really don't see a reason for doing something like that. for instance, we actually don't need c.lopez becasue we have nedved. maybe we need rivaldo but than what about veron. what we really desperatly need is a world class attacker and full backs. when we acquire these players we can hope to win titles in a row. making teams for one season and than renewing the team is not a solution.
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buying new players is ok as long as it is not done in excess.

Nedved is a midfielder and Lazio cannot rely on him to score the bulk of the goals.
That is why we would need Claudio Lopez seeing the departure of Vieri has hurt Lazio some what. I think that he will make an instant impact in Serie A.

Also another defender , i am thinking Zoran Mirkovic to take the left flank.

Oh and a new Goal man please!!!

The midfield though definately seems strong enough.

Out: Ravanelli,Boksic
In: Lopez & maybe Gonzalez

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c. lopez is not a pure attacker the same applies to nedved. that's way we don't need him. brate, mirkovic simply can't join lazio because it would be a ridicilous purchase. he hasn't played 10 whole games for juve this season. he is a great defender but he needs more games.
vieri(not very realistic)
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