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Why does this always happen to Italia? Why must the injury time be that long? Why must it be FRANCE? Why Trezeguez? Why must it be this match? Why does it hurt so much? So many whys for me. Italia's short happiness always ends like this.

I don't want to blame anyone, because there's no use. It's hard enough for them the players and for us the fans. I screamed my head off and all the ****s came out of me. But what good does it do? It's not like the French players know the nasty things I'm thinking about.

Like what Nesta said it was just mend to be. I wasn't Del Piero's fault, it wasn't anyone's fault. Maldini, Cannavaro, Nesta, Iuliano, Pessotto, Toldo, Albertini, Totti, Di Biagio, Fiore, Del Vechio and all the others played so well. I'am so proud of them.

Did any of you see how physco Barthez was after Del Vechio's goal. He started kicking and screaming at the players. And Desailly, what was his problem?

I can say that France is pretty lucky, not because I'm feeling rotten because they really are. Did anyone watch the rugby world Cup? Then you know what I mean. Luck plays a big part in football and it seems to always be around this few years. It's just luck. Maybe and hopefully their luck will run out.

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Remember EC96? Germany? Their luck, it was no more bearable. But now, look at them :D :D

So lets hope, one far time we would have the same luck, too, all through a tournament, and then noone could stop us
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