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Best Danish player through times

  • Carl Aage Præst

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Claus Berggren

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Frank Arnesen

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Preben Elkjær

    Votes: 3 10.0%
  • Søren Lerby

    Votes: 1 3.3%
  • Michael Laudrup

    Votes: 22 73.3%
  • Brian Laudrup

    Votes: 1 3.3%
  • Ole Madsen

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Jan Mølby

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Sophus Nielsen

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Peter Schmeichel

    Votes: 2 6.7%
  • Allan Simonsen

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Morten Olsen

    Votes: 1 3.3%
  • John Hansen

    Votes: 0 0.0%

Who's Denmark's best ever player?

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To reach the goal, which is to find out who you think are the best Nordic player ever, we first have to get the best ever Danish player award handed out :). I've made this list of players, and I hope you don't think I've left anyone out.
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I'll return later to write about the player's history, and which clubs they played for, what they were famous for, etc :).

And please, give yourself good time to think before you vote, and make a nice explanation why you chose the way you did :).
I've thought about it ever since the idea crossed my mind, and after a close considuration, I've come down to vote for Elkjær! :happy:
His many goals and great playing style(IMO) Is enough to make him one of Denmarks very best "hero"'s
Also his way of acting outside aswell as on, makes him a pure geneuss... :D

If I had one my second vote would go to M.Laudrup, great all- time worldclass player
Well- this won't be "nice" propably :9 - but I think it will make sense ;).

Michael Laudrup, because I don't think it's possible to vote differently.

Domestic titles won at:

Barcelona (4)
Real Madrid

Clubs compiling 14 CL/EC's between them and app. 100 domestic titles.

.....inside an 8 year timespan, being a key performer in all teams except for perhaps Juventus, where he was only a piece of the puzzle while really starting out his carrier (back in the day where Juve loaned out players to Lazio to mature :D ).

Eclipsed 100 caps for Denmark, and would have had many more if "Ritardo" had not been just that- a freaking retard who "unfortunately" was the coach who won the EURO ;).

Extremely fair player, unbelievable vision, brilliant skill.

Michael Laudrup. No discussion.

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I still haven't voted, but I know it'll be between three players for me.

Michael Laudrup, for the reasons listed by Glen. He was a fantastic player, especially in Spain for Real and Barça :proud:. He was an extremely important brick in the dream team puzzle, and it died out with him leaving. Watching him play was always a joy, with his heels and lops, long precise passes and wonderous shots, perfectly shown by the goal he assisted for Sand against Nigeria :). As said, he had perfect vision, skill, flair for the game, and he's a more than worthy candidate for both the best ever Danish player AND nordic player through times IMO.

My other candidate, is a player I've never seen playing live, since it's before my time, just like my third candidate. I'm talking about Elkjær here, probably the greatest striker for Denmark in modern times. He's still a legend in Verona, and often goes there :), and he's also in the Danish hall of fame for sporting stars, just like Michael Laudrup :proud:.

My last candidate is Allan Simonsen. He also played for Barça, like Michael, and amazingly managed to win the European Footballer of the year as the first, but hopefully not last Dane. I haven't seen this guy live either, but I've seen clips and I know he was amazing.
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Michael Laudrup, no doubt about it.

For the reasons Glen mentioned. A brilliant footballer, and it would be amazing if Denmark gets a player of his qualities ever again.
:star:Michael Laudrup:star:

He's one of a kind. He was truely a footballer. His way of touching the ball, playing his team mates, his moves, his goals was simply amazing. I'm a huge admirer of him as a person on and off the pitch. He's a living legend.
Easiest poll ever, he played for the greatest clubs in Europe, especially Juve and Real

Michael Laudrup
One of the best players I've ever seen, Michael Laudrup gets my vote. Undoubtly! :)
His vision, his skills...well, the boy had what not many have, he had it all! ;)
For me there are only two options: Michael Laudrup and Allan Simonsen.

It is in itself impressing that "Lille Allan" was voted europes best player as the only Dane ever. Unfortunately I am not old enough to remember him at his prime and therefore I have to go with Michael Laudrup. I remember him from the very first game I ever saw and I honestly think that he is the main reason I fell in love with the game :)
Well I thought Brian Loudrup cos he was amazing. But you are all probably Danes so you will know best, i cant really remember seing Michael play unfortunately.
Ok, I can see this didn't quite turn into the discussion I'd hoped for, probably because it's too obvious that M. Laudrup is the man here. I also voted for him, after alot of thinking however, because I can't get Simonsen's European Player of the Year award, and Elkjær's way of carrying Verona to Lo Scudetto out of my head :).

I guess what people have looked at here, was that Laudrup also won several leagues, in Spain, and I guess he's even more wellknown than Elkær is among non Danish people. Another reason why I voted for Laudrup, was that I haven't seen the other guys live, and so that strenghtens my belief that Laudrup's my man.

With the clear 13 votes for Laudrup, I think this poll is pretty much done :).
A Finnish poll should be made to decide the all-time greatest Finnish players :

Jari Litmanen
Atik Ismail
Aulis Rytkönen
Arto Tolsa
Ari Hjelm
Verner Eklöf
Sami Hyypiä
Mika-Matti Paatelainen
Gunnar Åström
Olli Huttunen
Stig-Göran Myntti
Tommy Lindholm

This is my list for the best Finnish players of all-time.
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Whats the status of the Swedish and Norwegian of all time(and YES i'm to lazy to go inthere myself!!!)
Kee said:
Whats the status of the Swedish and Norwegian of all time(and YES i'm to lazy to go inthere myself!!!)

In the Swedish forum Gunner Nordahl and Thomas Brolin are the current leaders of the poll

Norway they're sleeping or just being as lazy as you:D
I sure don't agree that Michael Laudrup were the best dane ever.

He might have been the most skilled dane ever, but M. Laudrup is the type of player who could make a great team better, on the other hand he was worth Jack Sh*t if the team wasn't well.

If you play for Juventus, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Ajax then you win titles.

I'll vote for E. Larsen, he and Brigel made a very regular team Italian league winners. That is class, M. Laudrup wouldn't have been able of doing that.
I guess that is why E. Larsen was voted 2'nd and 3'rd best player in Europe in 1985 and 1986 (or was it 1984 and 1985).

I can't compare Simonsen since I don't remember his time in Germany.

Anyway I'll put it like this.

The best: E Larsen
The winner: S Lerby
The most skilled M. Laudrup.

If Franky Arnesen havn't had all the Injuries then I think he would have been one off Europe's all time greatest, he had what it took to be ranked between names like: Cryff, Van Basten and Platini.

B. Laudrup also had the skills, but the mentality wasn't at his side.
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Rimmer said:

If you play for Juventus, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Ajax then you win titles.

I'll vote for E. Larsen, he and Brigel made a very regular team Italian league winners. That is class, M. Laudrup wouldn't have been able of doing that.
Overall a rather intersting angle Rimmer, but having said that- being picked up by Juve, Barca, Real and Ajax... winning all these places in the exact years he was there...
Either way- these teams aim at buying the best, and you could make a case for Elkjaer making the most of the tremendous quality he had while at Lokeren and Verona.
He never ever got inside a truly big team though, and thus never proved he could make the difference among big players at club level. You can turn it around that way also.

But the 86' team did indeed have it's fair share of brilliant players. Just a shame that Simonsen's tournament in France was ended by that terrible injury in the first game against France. that was supposed to ahve been HIS tournament. Eventually it was Platini's and if it couldn't be Allan's I suppose it's fair switch :).
Simonsen was propably just as skilled as Laudrup though, and it's a shame you don't have a memory of his Gladbach days were he quite simply ruled.

What I'm saying is that if it isn't Laudrup (which it is of course ;) ) I would have to go with Simonsen.

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I cant recall Laudrup ever played for a bad side(No Daniel, Brøndby is NOT a bad side! )so I dont think he had the chance to prove he couldnt make a bad side, good. Although He was at Vissel Kobe, but I really dont have the backup of his time there!
I could understand Rimmers point but, if thats the case: beeing a good footballer=beeing able to lift a whole team. Then we should all vote for Schmeichel, cuz he is the only Dane capeable of that(stooping shots from going int the goal(his job!) )

I can even see my own stupidity, so please, correct me in any way you feel I'm wrong!:)
I will definitely go for Laudrup, in my mind there's not much doubt about that. ;)

Good point, Glen. Simonsen had incredible skill - you don't get to be the European Football of the year (1977) for nothing. ;)

When he was in Gladbach, he was for sure one of the leading players in the German league. :)

I'm not the biggest fan of Elkjær myself. Not because of his actual ability, but because he's a regular smartass off the pitch - not that it matters in this poll, but anyway. ;) He was great for Verona and scored loads of goals for them (anywhere he was, really) and for the NT. Obviously, he's one of the most important players the Danish NT has had, but as far as best player is concerned, I don't think many, if any, can come close to Michael Laudrup.

Our '86 team was brilliant, with great players all over the pitch and with a little more luck, who knows what we could have done in Mexico. ;)
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This is such a hard question... Under normal circumstances I would have voted for Laudrup.. He probably deserves it but hey:rolleyes: too boring.. That´s why Elkjær finally got my vote.. This guy was amazing and one of the big reasons why Denmark´s 84/86 team is still celebrated as the best danish NT ever! He was known as one of the top 3 strikers if not the best striker in the world during the years 83-86.. And as Rimmer said voted 2nd and 3rd in Europe 83 and 84. In 84 only Platini beat him.. Anyway it´s only a coincidence that I voted for Elkjær.. I could have gone for Schmeichel, probably the most influential player we have ever had on the NT.. His winning mentality helped us win our only big trophy in 92 and he didn´t retire until he was actually finished.. Not like the Laudrup´s .. He wouldn´t ever dream of retiring before time even if the coach´s name was Horst Wohlers.. Schmeichel is the only player we have who has been as great on the NT as he has on club basis.. Therefore he should probably have got my vote.. But....:eek: it´s too boring voting for a keeper:confused: .. Allan Simonsen could easily have got my vote too.. After all the only danish player who has won the "European footballer of the year" award.. Simonsen was GREAT in Münchengladbach, so great that mighty Barca secured his signature in a record deal.. He shined in Barca too, until a certain argentinian came to the club and forced Simonsen to leave.. Simonsen and Keegan were the two greatest players at the end of the seventees.. The only thing speaking against Simonsen is the time.. Back then our professionals seldom played for the NT.. It wasn´t serious enough back then and players such as Henning Jensen and Simonsen saw it as a holiday when they (sometimes) played for us.. If this vote was about the most talented dane ever Simonsen would probably get my vote..

Nice to see so many candidates..;)
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