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Who's better Egypt or Tunisia

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Hey Omar, Do you recognize that Tunisian Football is better than egyptian one.
We're tired to beat egyptian clubs in african competitions and the egyptian national team, What do you Omar ?
I shouldn't remind you:
Tunisia-Egypt:1-0/0-0 (WC98)
Tunisia-Egypt:1-0 (CAN2000)
Tunisia-Egypt:4-1 (WC78)
CA(efriki)-El Masry:0-0/4-0 (African cup 99)
ESS (ennajm)- Zamalek:2-0/1-3
EST(ettaraji)-Zamalek:3-1/0-0 (final 94)
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Hey, I said (in the topic put by Omar14 about making forums) that I'm very happy to meet arabic friends.
Sorry Sabry, but I said "tired" friendly.
For the olympic team, Tunisia was already disqualified when Egypt beated us, besides we played with guys of 19 and 18 and there're many factors that let Tunisia weak that day.
For our teams, we have great african honours, too (especially the last years).
But, what I meant by my first message is that Tunisia is like a '3okda' for Egypt, it isn't me who say that but also many egyptians, and your commentator in Can 2000 " wa tatawasal al 3okda..." after the match has finished.
Why are we play a dirty game in Can 2000 ???????
Anyway, I'm very friendly and don't look for quarrels.
Good luck for Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco...
It's not important who will qualify, the important is that the qualifier make a good job in World Cup.
For MO, I'm glad to meet you and to read your post.
Sorry, I'm not so good at english, if there're mistakes(Tunisia is francophone).
My UIN is 67228721, If anyone has ICQ, give me your UIN if u want.
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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