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Hey Omar, Do you recognize that Tunisian Football is better than egyptian one.
We're tired to beat egyptian clubs in african competitions and the egyptian national team, What do you Omar ?
I shouldn't remind you:
Tunisia-Egypt:1-0/0-0 (WC98)
Tunisia-Egypt:1-0 (CAN2000)
Tunisia-Egypt:4-1 (WC78)
CA(efriki)-El Masry:0-0/4-0 (African cup 99)
ESS (ennajm)- Zamalek:2-0/1-3
EST(ettaraji)-Zamalek:3-1/0-0 (final 94)

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And a big clap for our friend the Tunisian over here... Are you all that arrogant ?? TIRED of what ?

All I can say can be summarized in one sentence looser, here read this info and memorize it well..

1. Egypt 4 african cup of nations..African record, last one being 1998. How many times did you win it Once ?? Hehehe


Egypt 2 - 0 Mozambique
Egypt 4 - 0 Zambia
Egypt 0 - 1 Morocco
Egypt 5 - 4 Ivory coast (PENS)
Egypt 2 - 0 Burkina Faso
Egypt 2 - 0 South Africa

Best goal keeper in the tournie being the Egyptian, Best winger is Egyptian, Top scorer Egyptian with Benedict McCarthy of SA.

Important Friendlies:

Egypt 3 - Bulgaria 1 (In Korea)
Egypt 1 - Belgium 0 (In Belgium)
Egypt 1 - Norway 1 (In Egypt)

2. Zamalek(Egypt) African Super cup winner twice, Afro-Asian cup..

3. Ahly(Egypt) African Honours:

African Champions' Cup: 2 times (1982,1987)

African Cup Winners' Cup: 4 times (1984, 1985, 1986, 1993)(African Record)

Afro-Asian Cup: 1 time (1989)

Arab Champions' Cup: 1 time (1996)

Arab Cup Winners Cup: 1 time (1995)

Arab Super Cup: 2 time (1997, 1998)

Are you 55 years old ?? What do you mean Tunisia 4 - Egypt 1 in 1978, get a life man, Besides the best team must be able to win tournaments, not win only single match-ups.

May I remind you of the humiliations your clubs get at Cairo stadium ???

Tunisians how did you feel when our Olympic team beat you 2 months ago 3-0 in Tunisia ??? Heheheh did that hurt ???

Give me your address I will send you a tape of the 1-0 Game in CAN2000 and put on your glasses, you will see how dirty and boring soccer you play...

Just dont let me continue because I feel sorry for you, you know nothing about football other than some irrelevant figures that give you immediate satisfaction like cocaine.. You still have 3 more CAN's to win to be like us...

And next time you go to the world cup please dont get thrashed from every team as usual, at least for the sake of Africa or FIFA will take back the 5 spots they gave us.

Unfortunately you are so ignorant, arrogant and try to Show off by putting half the truth up there..

Good for yourself, live in your dream forever... At least we know we are not the best team in the world, and we are not arrogant people, we do not try to compare ourselves with other contries like you do because we always are looking forward to advance, not just sitting with 1 African cup hehehhehe and thinking we can rock anyone..

Good luck looser.. I wasted my time on such crap.

[This message has been edited by Sabry (edited 07-05-2000).]

way to go sabry...iam more happy and proud of being egyptian more than ever after i read ur post...

and to u tunisan...or tunis..where ever that is on the map..


ys shabab,
kollina 3arab... 3aib il-kalam dah.
i'm from IRAQ... and both, Egyptian and Tunisian soccer teams, are great... and i really wish that both of them go for the next world cup along with Morocco.
cmon "together": alkach kadr fee il-aloolo .... "aih" ???
7ib nadiah wi 7ib loolo..."aih" ???

salam .................................MO...

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On Another note MO, Egypt and Morocco cant go to the world cup together... They fell in the same group so one of them only will have to go to the world cup


Senegal, Morocco, Algeria, Namibia, Egypt

What do you think are Iraqs chances in the Asian cup ?? I think its pretty good..Your group is not that hard after all.

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Hey, I said (in the topic put by Omar14 about making forums) that I'm very happy to meet arabic friends.
Sorry Sabry, but I said "tired" friendly.
For the olympic team, Tunisia was already disqualified when Egypt beated us, besides we played with guys of 19 and 18 and there're many factors that let Tunisia weak that day.
For our teams, we have great african honours, too (especially the last years).
But, what I meant by my first message is that Tunisia is like a '3okda' for Egypt, it isn't me who say that but also many egyptians, and your commentator in Can 2000 " wa tatawasal al 3okda..." after the match has finished.
Why are we play a dirty game in Can 2000 ???????
Anyway, I'm very friendly and don't look for quarrels.
Good luck for Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco...
It's not important who will qualify, the important is that the qualifier make a good job in World Cup.
For MO, I'm glad to meet you and to read your post.
Sorry, I'm not so good at english, if there're mistakes(Tunisia is francophone).
My UIN is 67228721, If anyone has ICQ, give me your UIN if u want.

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Its Okay Tunisian, well the 3okda thing is stupid, and egyptians who say "3okda" are even more stupid, there is nothing such as that.. If the players just concentrate more in the game either teams can win, however games such as Egypt X Morocco, Egypt X Tunisia e.t.c. are no longer normal matches, they are like derby matches, VERY boring, Zero talents because both teams are very cautius not to lose the game..

Anyways welcome and sorry for the harsh answer :)

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