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Whodathunkit? It's Van Hooijdonk!

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The big name striker Heynckes has been promising was announced yesterday in Rotterdam, and it's Pierre Van Hooijdonk. I think this is great - Miguel, Joao Tomas and Carlitos weren't really getting me pumped up in the striker role, but Van Hooijdonk can still produce. He had 22 goals for Vitesse Arnhern last year, and he led the Premiership in scoring with 29 goals when he was at Nottingham Forest in 98. I think he'll be a pretty solid pair with Nuno Gomes in Primeira Liga.

But I think it all hinges on who Benfica gets as a playmaker in the midfield (who is supposedly on the way, too).

What do you guys think?

Forca Benfica!
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Wow, that's a nice goal scorer! But I don't think our problem is strikers...Joao Tomas and Nuno can deliver if they are getting the balls. We need a playmaker! Juninho would have been perfect!

So our line-up is looking like this

Kaundarov (???) WE NEED PLAYMAKER
Van Hoojidonk

I am really pshyched about the defensive changes...all those guys are under 23!!!with the exception of Ronaldo
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How on earth will Benfica afford Van Hooijdonk?? Monopoly money??? Then there's the wages as well.

The media seem to make up rumours just because a manger has been seen walking past a top player. Give me a break.

If Van Hooijdonk goes to Benfica, my name is Luis Figo.
the Rushveldt of the summer of 2000?

Taco if we get him you have to promise us that your signature on these boards says "Hi I am Luis Figo" :)
Well lets just hope that we do get him. And we need a playmaker. you see in Euro2000 Nuno Gomes gets the balls and finishes them, We need a playmaker more than a striker.
Our defense seems to be pretty good:)
I'm begining to regret saying those things now cos it seem that Van Hooijdonk is talking to Benfica but I still can't see it happening. Surely he has more sense than that :)

If he played in our league, he could score around 30 goals in a season if he had goo service i.e. Drulovic, Capucho, Deco. But with Benfica he may only manage 20 goals.
Hi Taco, er, Luis Figo

20 goals from Van Hooijdonk and 20 goals from Nuno Gomes? I'd take that!

This has also been confirmed by news outlets in other countries, most notably Belgium, where the story first broke.

Forca Benfica!
Simultaneous press conferences are being held in Lisboa and Arnhern today to make the official announcement.



Van Hooijdonk seals Benfica transfer

Pierre Van Hooijdonk will be leaving Vitesse for Benfica. -

HOENDERLOO, June 22 (Reuters) - Dutch striker Pierre van Hooijdonk said on Thursday he had sealed a $6.7 million transfer to Benfica and was set to sign a three-year contract.
The 30-year-old will leave Vitesse Arnhem after only one season at the first division club where Ronald Koeman is coach.

``I'm happy to be getting a chance at a big club. I did not expect to leave after a year, but because of their financial situation, I had to. I got on fine with the players there,'' Van Hooijdonk said.

Benfica's win is PSV Eindhoven's loss. The Dutch champions had been interested in Van Hooijdonk as replacement for the departed Luc Nilis and the injured Ruud van Nistelrooy and offered Champions League football next season.

But the player said PSV could not afford him. At Benfica, Van Hooijdonk will be playing in the UEFA Cup.

Van Hooijdonk has had an unsettled time with spells at Celtic and Nottingham Forest, where he went on strike for some weeks because he said the team was not strong enough.

This season he has scored 25 times but is yet to appear for the Dutch during Euro 2000.

Dutch coach Frank Rijkaard described Van Hooijdonk on Thursday as a ``great centre forward.''

``He should do well in Portugal. The players there are very skilful and they like to cross. If he's served well he should do a fine job,'' he said.
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Van Hooijdonk and Jupp Heynckes looks like an interesting combination tehehehe The Germans and the Dutch just love each other so much don't they. :)

I like the quote about Benfica being a "big club" :) Maybe he think's he is signing for Barcelona but JVA's spelling on the contract was wrong :)

I think you've signed a gem Benfica fans although is his 30. I think like the quote said, he will score loads of goals if the service is right hmmmmmm.

He's lethal from free kicks too but I guess we will here the words "Benfica" and "overdue payments" in the future regarding this transfer tehehehehe :)

Poborsky has had an excellent Euro 2000 despite the Czechs going out.

The moment you have been waiting for......
Talk about multi-personalities,

Taco…Dani Portista…Luis Figo…

At least you kept your word; even tough you’re not the REAL Luis Figo. :)
o.k im not going to moan about him being a foreigner coz im used to that now although i am impressed by the meira and carlitos signings, if they go through of course u never know with jva.
As for van 'lets have 1 or 2 good games and then im worthy of going on strike' hoijdonk, he's had a good season with vitesse but in my opinion only coz he is the main man at vitesse, he scored many goals, in a lower division for forest got to big or his boots went on strike for half the season and then was **** all season in the top division. I dont think that warrants the money we paid for him. Mind u i wouldnt be suprised if jva paid van 'can i go on strike' hoijdonk to actually go on strike.
Apparently the word is also that vitesse sold him because van hoijdonk thought he was 2 good for them and didnt want to play for them nemore.
say he does have a good season, he'll probably want to lleave and if we cant sell him does that mean he'll go on strike again.
oh and if dudic comes and plays 4 benfica like he did 4 slovenia he might as well stay at home.
I must say though that i have been impressed by the signings of carlitos, meira and miguel and if the rumour that ronaldo is leaving and litos is arriving is true then it would impress me even more. Although ive never seen marchena be4 he sounds good but then again how may times have we heard this be4.
P.S at what cost will the sad's money have on benfica fans especially socio's as they have less and less say in the club
P.P.S Its seems that we could afford to free transfer pinto after all we were absolutely stinking rich all along...

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