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In a WC Final, which team would you prefer to win? For any reason?

We say Argentina. If Argentina haven´t passed their peak, they are a superb football team and Brazil-Argentina could become a classic football match.

(This is of course hypthetical. It is quite impossible for these two teams to meet in the final, is it not? A shame.)

Brazil-France would also be welcome.

Then again, it would be quite nice to watch Brazil annilihate England - mainly because for some weird reason a lot of people up here at the North Pole seem to think England has one of the best teams in the world - sadly mistaken, of course, but it would be lovely to prove them wrong a WC Final. For example, show them once and for all that a certain David Beckham is without a shadow of a doubt the most over-rated football player in history! He is, of course, quite useful for his team(s) but dozens of footballers in most countries do the same thing he does and just as well - or better. (Owen is allright, though, but he has to start proving himself again - only 22 and already living a little on past glory!)

But England are of course not good enough to reach the final, let alone win it.

So - Brazil beats Argentina in our imaginary final.

How say ye?

And - although this is hardly the time to talk about losing - who would you tolerate losing the final to?

(Losing two finals in a row, won´t happen, of course. But then again, witness poor Netherlands in 1974 & 1978.)

We would say Portugal if we had to name anyone. They have a great generation of intelligent and entertaining footballers who would certainly deserve to become world champions. Brazil-Portugal could become a great match - although the friendly the other day wasn´t that good.
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