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Who will win the title?

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In my opinion the following teams could do it:

- Bayern Munich (of course)
without Matthäus and Babbel, but with Sforza and
Sagnol their squad is strong enough to win the title

- Bayer Leverkusen
I'm not sure about them. Without Emerson who was
definitely the key player it'll be hard. The question is
how they can compensate that.

- Borussia Dortmund
Yeah, I'm a very optimistic fan, but with Sammer as a
new, strict coach and players like Oliseh and Thiam
they can do it.

- Hamburger SV
A team which played in some games a great football.
Also with the possibility of losing Butt to Leverkusen
Hamburg could win the title.

- Energie Cottbus
That was just a joke :)

So, what's your opinion?
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