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from what it looks ravanelli will be out boksic will be sold because of the shirt incident mancini will retire they say salas will be sold

who will be left..even if we buy lopez
we will only have 2 strikers inzaghi and lopez
we will probably need to buy 2 strikers for next year
one being lopez and one out of palermo(he can be a bit of a back up) jardel milosevic or crespo (yes amo i know he is not for sale but i think lazio should still try)

even though salas is out of form i think we should keep him

lopez inzaghi salas and one of those 4 players would be a great attack

i was looking at sum old post on claudio lopez and this is somthing i found that svennis wrote :) :)
"Claudio Lopez or Savo Milosevic would be great attackers but only if they come at a good prize - I don´t think that any of them could replace super salas." © svennis

how things have changed :) :)

i think that he will score 2 goals against valencia and hopefully get us to the semis!!! :) :)

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I don't think Ravanelli will be out. He signed a contract for 1,5 years...
I'm not sure if Mancini will quit playing either! From what I've heard, he'll still be available, although he'll assist Svennis as well...

We should keep Salas even though he's out of form. This is something almost any player deals with from time to time. I'm sure he'll recover and get back to his old level soon.

As for Svennis' words a little while ago:
It's something I notice all the time at this forum. When a player scores all the time he's the best and when he doesn't he should be sold. Just look at S.Inzaghi... A couple of months ago practically the whole forum was against him. I don't see anyone complain about his performances now.
What some of us forget is that we've got an extremely difficult and exhausting schedule. 2 matches a week at the moment. No wonder some of these players don't perform anymore by the end of the season. They're still human beings. We wouldn't keep it up either.
Just selling them because of that is not the solution. We would have to buy new players and it would take a lot of time for them to adjust.

LAZIO, esisti SOLO tu!


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I dont think Lazio would sell their FWs because they always have a lot of games to play.

Most of the strikers had their playing time through Serie A, CL , Coppa I, and they all prove their worth.

This is one reason why Lazio is so consistant. If they did sold their players, they would lack firepower up front in the long run.

true..Lazio should NOT sell 6-7 players and buy new ones each year cause we would end up like crappy Inter, with no team spirit.

The only attacker that must be sold is Bokic, not because he is worse than any other of our attacker but because of his age and that we could get a good price for him. Mancini will surely quit and Ravanelli would do well as a fifth attacker.
So that leaves us with 2-3 new attackers. Besides Lopez a high quality attcker will be bought only if Salas is sold and that is possible right? If Salas is kept propably a cheaper attacker will be bought.

This leaves us with these attckers

if Salas is kept

1. Lopez
2. Salas
3. Inzaghi
4. Palermo/Lucarelli/Di Vaio/Marco Simone/Wiltord
5. Ravanelli

If Salas is sold

1. Crespo/Milosevic/Jardel/Trezeguet/F.Inzaghi
2. Lopez
3. Inzaghi
4. Palermo/Lucarelli/Di Vaio/Simone/Wiltord
5. Ravanelli

3 new attacker would be too much and we will be the next season's Inter

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gee well i thought salas would get no support
well thats good :) :) :)

i think we should buy lopez and palermo
palermo will be very cheap i think but will take a while to adjust

that will be very good

5.boksic (if kept)
6.ravanelli (if kept)
7.mancini (player assistant manager)


i would like to see a youth striker play a few games maybe off the bench next year :)
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