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Rijkaard has to give his 22 names before 12 o'clock today. At 10.30 Oranje will have its last practice before he will do so?

Who do you think will be left out?
Besides Talan and Bogarde who are injured and already know they won't make it. Who will be the other two? I think it'll be Hasselbaink and Van Vossen.

Stupid fools, at the time you posted your mail it was known that besides Talan, also Bogarde, Hasselbaink and Ooijer have to leave the 26-man squad.

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Though I said beforehand, I would have liked to see Bosvelt, Van Vossen, Winter, Makaay leave, I am pleased to see Makaay, Winter and van Vossen to be part of the remaining 22.

Van Vossen, because he also has showed many times, that he can bring back the attacking pressure while he enters the field, thats needed.

Makaay, well, he is one of the few who can play rightwing, and if I had to choose between him and Hasselbaink, I would choose Makaay aswell, good choice about him Frank!

Winter, you should see the differences between him playing in Ajax, where almost everybody sux, and in the national team, a big difference I think.

But Bosvelt, why did he let him stay!?
Clearly a 100% question for me!

Bogarde, its just a damn shame he isnt there!

Ooijer, I felt he could have stayed aswell, why not Bosvelt!?

Hasselbaink, he leaves Madrid where he scored everything for London, for alot of cash, and then, he isnt called for the national team, well, he shouldnt be in it now, he proved nothing so far.
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