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RAUL ??!?!?
yeah, Anelka get into the real world !

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Zidane in my opinion, the absolute Top.

I also agree with what's already been said here, Thierry Henry will definitely be among the Top 10, don't forget he was the official MVP of Euro 2000, plus he's had a great year with Arsenal, while Zidane did't have such a great one with Juve.

I also think Raul will be uncluded somewhere round the Top 10, I mean, he was voted among the Euro 2000 best players and he did nothing, so... Anyway, I think it's well deserved, he's had a wonderful year in La Primera and the ChL. Not the best, but among them.

Another player that I see included is Alessandro Nesta. Wonderful year with Lazio, wonderful Euro, I can't find a reason why not.

Plus Figo, Batistuta but that's already been said by many.

I'm probably forgetting someone...
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