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Do you think Zoff will field the same line-up against the Belgians? Personally, I thought the Italians looked better after they replaced Pessotto with Iuliano. That gives Maldini a chance to push forward the odd time, something that he cannot do with only three defenders. I would also make a point of starting Del Piero. He brings something to the game that only a few players can. Wouldn't it be nice if Zoff could accomodate Del Piero, Totti, and Fiore by starting all three of them? I doubt this would happen because Zoff is so high on Inzaghi and I can guarantee you that he will start against the Belgians. Inzaghi needs about five chances to score one goal and all his goals come from ten feet out. He is weak on the ball and in the air. I'm concerned that his lack of finish up front is going to cost us as the tournament progresses. In a way he reminds me of that useless Kluivert; it takes him a million chances to put one in. If it were up to me I would play:
Goal: Toldo
Defence: Nesta, Canavarro, Maldini, and Iuliano.
Midfield: Conte, Totti, Fiore, and Di Biaggo (if he's fit)
Strikers: Del Piero, Montella (great finisher).
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