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OK, you're Italy's new coach (Trap) and qualifying is about to start. The first game is on September 3 against Hungary. Do you build on what Zoff has done and call the same players, or do you do some tinkering (especially up front)? Do you try some players from the U-21 Euro Champs, like Pirlo? Remember, Vieri will be unavailable for this game. Here's my selection:

1. Buffon
2. Toldo
3. Peruzzi

4. Nesta
5. Cannavaro
6. Maldini
7. Iuliano
8. Panucci (he should make a comeback to the national team)
9. Pessotto (played well in Euro Final)

10. Tacchinardi (Zoff's biggest exclusion; a huge mistake!)
11. Conte
12. Zambrotta
13. Fiore
14. Albertini (great comeback at Euro 2000)
15. Di Biagio
16. Baronio (there to gain experience)

17. Montella (great potential; would work well with Vieri)
18. Delvecchio
19. R. Baggio (brings so much to the table)
20. Totti
21. Commandini
22. Pirlo

I believe it's important to incorporate the young players into the squad and give them some time to play. Let's face it; aside from Romania nobody will give us trouble. Otherwise these young players may not be ready to be thrown into the spotlight at WC 2002. Baggio should be there for his experience. If things aren't going well (and even if they are, he is still effective for about 45-60 minutes. I wouldn't call Del Piero or Inzaghi until they regain their old form (if they ever do). Here's my starting line-up:






PS I like it when we play four at the back because it gives Maldini the chance to make his well-timed runs up the wing.
Who would you start?

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Il Toro: Good line-up. The only disagreement I have is with your exclusion of Tacchinardi from the 22-man squad. I don't think he's been given a fair chance with the national team. I thought he had a fairly good season with Juve last year, especially at the beginning of the season. Also, I don't think S. Inzaghi is up to it, as I would much rather give Commandini a chance.
The Italians have one of the best and youngest teams in the world and I believe our future is very promising. I think that with the inclusion of R. Baggio, Maldini, and Conte, this team will have the right mix to challenge Argentina for the WC in 2002.
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