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S'up guys, long time no hear, coming straight from Southern Serbia :), everthing cool here or should I rather say hot (38c) :), almost finished watching the world cup, my take on it is FIFA has been become even more corrupt if that were possible, Serbian basketball dreamteam getting ready for the title. :) With Divac back in the team, the combination of Divac, Stojakovic, Jaric,. Bodiroga, Tarlac, Drobnjak, Scepanovic, Vujanic etc etc we;ll be unstoppable.

Tonight Partizan's all star team against the current team, should be an interesting fight, sunday the handball final where partizan will get their asses kicked both on and of the pitch. :)

Anyway that's it from me for now, be back fulltime in September till then take care, and prepare for the basketball world cup, peace out

Oh yeah as always ZVEZDA SAMPION!
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