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The #10 in 2002 should go to

  • Ronaldinho Gaucho

    Votes: 8 53.3%
  • Rivaldo

    Votes: 7 46.7%
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WIth the sqaud numbers date close, who should be our #10. Ronaldinho Gaucho has used it and he kept the standard going. The same cannot be said about Rivaldo who has been wearing it for the last 4 years.

Who should wear it in the WC?

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official list!

1. Marcos
2. Cafu
3. Lúcio
4. Roque Júnior
5. Edmílson
6. Roberto Carlos
7. Emerson
8. Gilberto Silva
9. Ronaldo
10. Rivaldo
11. Ronaldinho
12. Dida
13. Belletti
14. Anderson Polga
15. Klebérson
16. Júnior
17. Denílson
18. Vampeta
19. Juninho Paulista
20. Edílson
21. Luizão
22. Rogério Ceni
23. Kaká

Vampeta and Polga are on theteam ,although have "subs"#.

Emerson and Denilson got Felipao's lucky #'s the 7 and 17.

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Damn, why did he give my number to Émerson? I would liked to have players like Juninho Paulista, Ronaldinho or Vampeta wearing that number...

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OK. first of all about the player numbers, I wanted Ronaldinho Gaucho to be the #10 and Rivaldo to be the #11 but whatever, RG wearing number 11 is good enough if you ask me although that still doesn't take the fact of Rivaldo doesn't deserve to wear the legendary numero 10.

Denilson has always been a number 18, and I find it quite ridiculous he didn't get it this time. Juninho Paulista, number 19? Nope. I don't feel that one, really doesn't match, IMO. ;)

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Were did Denilson wear #18 with Felipao??:confused:
It's always been #17 when he's come on as a sub Patrcik.

I think Emerson shuld have stayed with #5....Vampeta with #8 (as he ahs been so long with that shirt). Ronaldinho Gaucho with #7 or #10. As #10 went for Rivaldo, #7 should go for Ronaldinho Gaucho!

Patrcik, I think #19 would be more suited for Luizao.....while #18 Edilson!;)

Emerson will probably go down in history as the worst #7 to go to a WC. Close call between him and Bismarck!

But at the end of day, the numbers wont change a thing!;) :cool:
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