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Who`re the players who has a real Barça heart?

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Of course those who is "socios" (members) of the club. Which means that these players pays fees to the club, just like all the other members. This is a sign that you care about the club on a higher level. For exampel if I was a profesional footballer I wouldn`t mind playing for exampel Manchester United, but I would never be a member of the club. But if I played for Barça I would do it. Defintly!

It`s a bit scary for exampel that you notice that it`s only four players in the Barça squad who`s members of the club. Meanwhile the whole Espanyol squad is it. Of course Real Madrid only has one if you want to compare (Figo).

The four players are; Sergi, Luis Enrique, Dani and Puyol. Also Amor, Figo and Guardiola are other current players who still are memebers of the club and pays yearly.

Does this say anything?
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Just the players I expected.
But where´s Pitu and some of our youth players? Reina, Xavi, Gabri? No socios?:confused:
It's not easy to became soci, if you don't have members of your family who are socis, it's almost impossible and you have to wait for ages...

Anyways, I'm sure players like Xavi, Reina, Gabri have a 100% "culé" heart
so Kluivert can't even become a soci, even if he wanted? If that's true, how can Robban say that only the socios have a real Barça heart?
I don't know if players have an special treatment, but it wouldn't surprise me.
So, the only player in our squad with a Real Madrid-history is a socio. :) I'm not suprised that he is though... did you see the look on this face at the end of the first half yesterday? That's what I call a Barça heart!
So the Asturian Luis Enrique has family members who were socios a long time before, but Reina, whose father was a former Barça-player, has a difficult time becoming a member? I doubt that.
i don't think you a player has to be soci for have a cule heart, for me reina xavi gabri luis enrique abelardo these two after sporting gijon gerard are a real barça fans
Figo is still a socio? :eek: :confused:
Bier said:
Figo is still a socio? :eek: :confused:
Yes:eek: This means Camp Nou will never be full again! There will be one free seat:D
Super Puyol said:

Yes:eek: This means Camp Nou will never be full again! There will be one free seat:D
he can give the season ticket to another
Luis Enrique, Xavi, Gabri, Puyol, Sergi for sure


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I´m sorry

IMO he is: FIGO!!!
Re: I´m sorry

Realsupporter said:
IMO he is: FIGO!!!
Huh? You missed the medication today man:tongue:
nrk said:

he can give the season ticket to another
He can always sold the ticket on stadium to the people who didn't get to buy one on time.
You never know with this merc.
Of course he will. Such greedy bastard will always make money all the ways he only can: playing for merengones or asking for tickets huge sums.
The players get special treatment, so if they want to become a member they can easily. When I created this topic I wasn`t thinking about any speciall player, only wanted to see what you all think. P.Kluivert, mentioned Kluivert, and it could be a bit expencive for him with his "low" salary to pay the 130€ yearly.;)

MxPx> Everyone knows that Luis Enrique is swedish.:D
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