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i heard that inter and juve are struggling for his singature!! i know nothing about him,can any one tell me something about him???

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Jonathan Zebina is a competent 23 year old (I think) center/left back who plays with Cagliari and consequently is a target within reach.
The question is whether we wil get him OR Bruno Cirillo from Reggina (starter with the Italian U-21) who's also a central defender- OR both.
If Moggi goes for the last solution that can be interpreted as a sign that Juve is aiming for at least 1 MAJOR purchase, as it was always a priority to get a top-defender this off-season. Getting two more talented central defenders takes us up to 6 centerbacks with Birindellia and Mirkovic to spare, and certainly that would do (although we would still be missing the Cannavaro like signing).
These two defenders is relatively cheap so it frees us to get other priorities.
It's going to be exciting to see the outcome.

Only one additional point here: Note how Juventus will try to keep the squad as Italian as it is now this off season. We might get a few "stranieri" but a few will leave as well, while the Italian contingent will grow, because we need a bigger squad for CL.

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