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I dont know anything about the current Croat league, so I would just like to know who currently is better, Dinamo Zagreb or Hajduk Split?

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Well, Hajduk have very good (for the balkans, not great yet) young players, but they lack experience. And Dinamo certainly beats them at this point. Second, they don't have the spirit of real fighters and once they receive several goals, they easy give up. Skoko is the best player in there, he is cernainly a quite good playmaker. Vucko is alos a nice attacking midfielder, but if there is one great player there he is the goal keeper Pletikosa. Anyway, the style of Hajduk reminds me a bit of what I saw from Zvezda this year, though Zvezda has improved much since the last game I watched from them. They play very well on counter attacks, keep the ball with fast passes, and they have the ability to dictate the rhythm of the game as well.
But Dinamo is much more accomplished right now with Mujcin, Prosinecki, and Cvitanovic. They are more balansed, more experienced, and they play better.
I vote for Dinamo.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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