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Seriously, who do we need for next year ??
-- goal keepers: are perfect.
-- defence :i dunno, i think we need another fighter in the middle just like thuram or ayala..
-- mid-field: we have the best mid in the world,"veron,almeyda,simeone,nedved and sensini", they are the best in the whole damn world... keep them all... and i mean it.
-- attakers: real problem, we have alot of stars, but salas:not in form. ravenelle and boksic: bye bye bye, sell them now.
inzagi jr.: the best for now, w need him.

so, we need 1 mid-deffence like thuram or ayala, and 2 strikers. we have to give up boksic and ravenelle for "c.lopez and palermo"... we need those two guys... they are two of the best attakers in the world.
and we need to sell concicao for "roa"...
he is a great goal keeper... must get him..

that's it for now
salam ................mo..........

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LAZIO must buy a new striker!!!
like: Palermo/Jardel/Crespo
for MO, Conceicao is not for sale!!because he has a very good crossing, and very good at defence and attacking.
and LAZIO also must buy a left wing back to replace Favalli
like: Sergi, Heinrich, Felipe

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Attack: I prefere Jardel, I 've been folowing him for years now and he impresses me deeply.


He hasn't got a single weak period in 3 years
He scores almost as many goals as he plays matches.( in every competition)
Excelent positionplay and perfect (maybe best in Europe) header.
he's big and strong--> very hard to stop
(recent example Barca-Porto Cl, 3-2 Jardel. He managed to score between to defenders)
He's a star but always stays modest and serves the team.


Can't make an action --> he needs someone to deliver the balls.
(Solution: Conceciao, Veron,...)

Him, together with Lopez, Inzaghi and Boksic, would be a dreamatack
One week Jardel-Lopez, the other week Boksic- Inzaghi or Lopez - Inzaghi.

Defense: Centrale defender indeed.
( still prefere Sol Campell)

Keeper: This can wait an other year I guess, but certainly not Roa. He can only play on Sundays ( religious reasons) and he just isn't that special.


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I will start thinking about whom we should buy for next season, as soon as this season is over!



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why wait another year to buy a keeper?
we could just buy toldo at the end of the year since he wants to play for lazio

most of the team is good
sell: marcolin ravanelli
and maybe salas or boksic depending on if we get 1 or 2 new strikers

buy lopez toldo maybe a defender like sol campbell and thats all we need

juan f....i reckon huh...we should get baronio back but crag has no interest in him


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In: Savo Milosevic - this guy just keeps impressing me, he creates his own goals, he is excellent in the air and he is very strong.

Claudio Lopez - same as with Savo, he is a one man goal factory and with his speed I think Milan can say goodbye with their slowmo defence. Claudio is a left wing and he could support Nedved.

Martin Jorgensen - Very good shot, dangerous on the left wing and even better in a 5 man midfield in the role that Stankovic now holds. If Lazio had any sense we would loan Stankovic to Udinese and let him evolve there for a season or 2 he´d come back to Lazio at the age of 23 and still be younger then Simone Inzaghi is today.

Salgado - yes chances are very slim that Real would give this gem up but I heard that Cragnotti has been asking. Extremely good on the wing and could replace either ***** or Pancaro the season after the next.

Rio Ferdinand - I think that there is a fundamental difference in the style of defending in PL and in Serie A. Silvestre couldn´t do much right in Inter but in United he can use his speed and strength in a different way and is now a good defender. Rio Ferdinand however is totally different. First he has no backup in west ham and secondly his style of defending is better suited in Serie A - he is fast, he doesn´t have to get physical to take the ball from his defender and he has mad skills when it comes to dribbling - he is good friends with the ball.

Toldo or Frey - I´m liking Frey more and more for each game he plays and look at Verona :) they are blowing away the competition with their lowbudget team. I doubt that Inter would let Frey go but I´m also sure that Frey want´s to play in the first 11 next season. Either Frey stays in Verona or he leaves Inter for another big club and Lazio should be there and bid.

Peruzzi has been perfect this season so I don´t think Inter will be thinking of a replacement for next season but in 2 seasons Frey is their man - if he sticks with Verona next season.

Oups Svennis pretty hefty list :) .. Well we have a couple of players that need to go.

Out - Salas !! If possible we should approach Zaragoza and try to setup some sort of exchange between Savo and Salas.

Boksic - Sorry but you will be better in the spanish leauge or PL. Why not try to approach West Ham they have trouble with scoring and try to setup a deal which includes Rio Ferdinand and Boksic.

Stankovic - this fella has got to go on loan if we want him to become what his potential says he can be. Get intouch with Udinese for Jorgensen and offer them a deal including a loan of Stankovic.

Salgado - If Real sets a reasonable price on this fella or else it´s a no go. I always hear about the trouble Real has with the banks and that they are in huge debt - can anyone confirm this ??

Lazio next season: I promise this is the last time I do this :)


Toldo / Frey

Pancaro / Salgado - Nesta - Mihajlovic / Rio - *****

Conceciao - Almeyda - Veron - Nedved / Jorgensen

Lopez / Simone - Savo Milosevic

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Does Claudio have an EU passport ? Otherwise the idea with Lopez Palermo suck ! We already have a bit of a problem taking everybody up to the starting 11.....

Once again: I believe in Vieri inspite of the conditions (I don´t think his for sale, at least not for a reasonable amount of lira)

Forza Lazio !!

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Eriksson can't be blamed for this last one, Mr Pipa, but for the season, yes. But upon reflection, perhaps it is best to hold him, because if he has learned anything from this season at all, then we will rise from the ashes. I think God does not want us to win now. But when I was griping about draws and losses earlier in the season (Venezia, Inter at home, Parma at home when they were slumping, etc . . . ,) I was notified both here and on the list, that I was maliciously wrong and in the end, we'd come through. Instead, history repeated. Once again, it reins true that "there is no substitute for victory." These earlier letdowns cost us the championship again, just like they do every year. I fear the next one will be no different. If we did not dig ourselves holes, we'd not fall in. I think that if Svenn is a wise man, he'll pull away all shovels in the future.

What we need is at least two strong defenders, more than anything else! Cannivarro is ideal for this team! Then I'd recommend a Jaap Stamm type.

It amazes me to see Ravanelli under attack here. One must be given opportunities to produce in order to gain results. This is very evident in what Inzaghi has done for us. Why not for Fabrizio too then? And Roberto Baggio is magic when he plays. This is undeniable. Perhaps we can get him for the close of his career for a good price. I can feel the attacks coming now. These are older men, but who cares? Results matter more!

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I agree, why are y'all are criticising Ravanelli...he hasn't had too many oppurtunities to play. I don't think that he is a less qualifield attacker than Bokic or Salas the way they are playing now and God knows they have had their chances too prove themselves.

Jardel-Lopez in attack would be deadly. But still I don't think that a team like Lazio should go for second best. Crespo or Vieri would cost more than Jardel but they have the advantage of being able to create goals all by themselves, something that you can't say for Jardel.

We defintely need another attacker besides Lopez cause sure know that Bokic or Salas can't score anymore

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With what Mo suggested, why not go play in the Argentinian league!? We'll have Roa, Lopez, Palermo, Veron, Sensini, Almeyda, Simeone, Ayala- Wow! and there's just only 3 "foreign" players in our team!
Don't get me wrong, I'm not against Argentinian players or anything. But take a look at that ridiculous "ITALIAN" team.
For attacker, I agree that Jardel is a good choise. But how come nobody is interested in JF Hasselbaink. He's really impress me, and the way thing's going at Atletico, he'll probably have to move next season.
I think we'll get Fiore, Lopez and Toldo, so we'll have to look for a defender and a forward.

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why i always find my self saying sell the whole attack but inzaghi and sell 3 attackers and we will be fine
just fine ..
lopez , saviola , savo
thats it

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Replace Salas with Savo Milosevic??
I'm fighting a losing battle here.

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ok ok ,
so what ? Argentinians r the best players in the world :
1)Bati in fiorentina "out of words"
2)Crespo and Ortega in Parma "SUPER"
3)Almeyda, Veron, Simeone and sensini in Lazio...without them there is no Lazio.
4)C.Lpoez in Valencia "THE MAN OF THE TEAM".
5)Zenetti in Inter, Captain and the engine of the team.
6)Chamot,Ayala,Fabricio Coloccini in Milan...those guys are the diffence of Milan, they are the heart of the team.
7)Mauricio Pineda and Roberto Sosa in Udinese... they are the whole team.
8)Galardo in Monaco, he is the best forign player in Monaco and France.
9)Palermo, the coming Argentinian HERO ...

so, after all that speach... "WOR", i see your point, but it is not that ridiculous as you called it. we can just get "C.Lopez, Ayala and Jardel" and sell Rav, Lombardo and Salas... and one more thing, why isn't Sensini playing anymore??? this guy is the Lazio diffence worrior !! that is weird ...
he must play instead of ***** and next to Nesta,Miha and pancaro. those 4 guys together are true "rockin" diffence...
we need that diffence in our coming matches cause we can't afford to lose any coming came... what ever it was, league or champion cup.
thats it, salam

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i dont know why all of you are talking s#!t of selling salas...every player has there bad year...sooner or later...it so happens that salas is having a bad time...give him a few more days he'll get better....

Forza Juan Sebastian "LA BRUJITA" Veron...
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