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Who do u call foreigners in Croatia

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all those guys playing for our national team are not foreigners, for example a natioanlity like bosnian never existed anyway u were either Croat, serb or muslim, so all those players from bosnia have always been croatian nationality
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"Who do you call foereigners in Croatia."

The answer to that is tourists....;) :D
I know what you mean, I do not consider myself a foreigner in Croatia, though unfortunately some Croatians do these days.

Funny how those people do not resent the fact that BiH born Croats playing sports for Croatia and call them Croatians. Tennis player Ljubicic, 7 NT regulars, basketball rep Sesar etc.

Though they call me a foreigner, which is absurd.
Don't worry Ero....I've been called worse...:D

Fact is when we stop labeling people (now don't get me wrong each region is great) Hercegovci, Bosanci, Dalmatinci, Slavonci, etc. and just say Croatian then it will be better.
Well put Jure.

Too bad it took a war for people to band together properly and less that ten years later they're at each other's throats again.

Don't get too disheartened though other nationalities have a much larger problem with regions and unity.
True Ljubo, though I hate to see it in a small nation like ours. It's mostly leftist propaganda though.
lol... yes, leftist "invented" dalmatia, zagorje, istra, etc ;-)

you have to understand that people living in Croatia... live in Croatia! they go to croatian bars, clubs, jobs, games, thats what they do all the time... they see 99% croatians around them, it is not like you... based on ur comments, croatians in croatia should never fight, argue or anything like that.... wtf? What do you want them to do? import some foreginers so they can ocassionally get in fight? :D :D

and Dalmatian is still Dalmatinac, Herzegovnian is Hercegovac, Purger is Purger... so what? get a life... not a big deal, thank god we are passionate people who care about life around them, yes I cheer for Hajduk, yes I want them to beat Dinamo, yes I get depressed and want to break things when they dont... is that bad???? NO! Thats what makes us croatians god damn it...

I am Herzegovian and I am proud of it... I have best friends who are Bosnians or Dalmatinac, so what? blah

btw, bosnians existed...always... what do you call croatian from Sarajevo? Bosanac Hrvatske Nacionalnosti... or Sarajlija...get a grip guys
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I agree spwolf, but the kind of "leftist propaganda" I'm talking about strategically instilled a feeling of disunity among Croatians for 50 years. I will not go into politics here, but in 1945 there was never any talk of regions, they weren't as defined as today.

It was in someone's interest to dismember Croatia into her regions, and the implications of those actions can still be seen today.
lol, Ero... croatia was "divided" into regions since forever, dalmatia was dalmatia more than century ago...I am not sure why would you want to change that... seems like something "we are all the same" people would do, change our proud history

ero provalio pa ostao ziv ;-)
regions, yes, but people never called themselves any other nationality than the one they are ever in history. Their nationality was Croatian. Which is more than I can say for some "Croatians" today.
Nobody invented the regions, they came about because of natural land releif, I never claimed they were invented. The triune kingdom existed, the varuios dukedoms existed, but people occupying these areas have never in history seen themselves as "dalmatians", "hercegovci" or "slavonci", as far as nationality goes.

Mogo bi procitiat loma rodjo ;)
lol ero... thats like saying ppl from Mostar never called themselves Mostarci or ppl from Split Splicani or Zagreb Zagrebcani...

out of sync with ur homeland huh? well, we will make it up in the summer, rivers of beer will flow through mostar ;-)
Rode, the beer will certainly flow.

About our little discussion, I mean nationality-wise, sure I'm a Mostarac, and I'm a hercegovac, but my nationality is Croatian...

nema veze bola, vazno je da je Velez popio 6 komada u Sarajevu protiv Olimpika ;) :D :D :D :D :D :) :D ;)
heh.. i jest im dobra ona livada u vrapcicima na kojoj igraju ;-)
Spwolf is right! to people in Cro everyone around them is Croatian! so obviously they dont cling to each other like we do here in the diaspora! to them its just another day with guys that swear every second word!:D

but I completely agree with Ero in what he is saying as well! you are right Ero too many Croatians in Croatia identify themselves first as the province they are from now a days! saying you are a Dalmatinac or Hercegovac is fine but when you put it in front of being Croatian first then there is a problem! my dad always told me to say that i am Croatian first! then the region where we come from(Lika) is second! so what Ero said makes total sense with me too! we are all Croatians first! then naturaly where we are from is second! doesnt matter where a Croatian is from in Cro if he is Croatian it doesnt matter to me! i dont choose to be friends with someone just because they are Licani that to me is seljacki;)

and another thing is that the north south devide is sometimes also exagerated! hey i like Dinamo but it doesnt mean that i hate Hajduk i like em too to an extent! but i know its different for the people that actualy live in Cro and it makes thier lives a bit more interesting to have mini rivalries! just like in the states there is the east coast vs the west coast or in Italy north vs south! etc... i think we are doing fine at least the majority of us!

this thread makes me think of the Thompson song Ljepa Li Si! damn Thompson concert is getting closer!:D :D :cool:
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i dont think anyone puts their region or city above croatia, depends on where you are... if you are in germany, then every1 is croatian, obviously if you are in croatia, then you are dalamatinac/purger/slavonac/gospar, and above all croatian - but thats understood ...etc,etc... when I go to Zagreb, I dont hate anyone... and when purgeri come to sea, nobody cares that they are purgeri
that's the way it should be, so we agree spwolf, once again ;)
spwolf said:
heh.. i jest im dobra ona livada u vrapcicima na kojoj igraju ;-)
ma livada i po. Evo sad kukaju u EU da im vrate Brijeg. Ej jadnici, da Bog da ispadose iz lige ;)
heh, na istocnoj strani svaki dan peticija jedna ;-)
ja ja, a kriz je joz na Humu :D
ja ja, a kriz je joz na Humu :D
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