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I think winning the scudetto in Italy is very difficult !
First you have to believe it and than You gotta have a great team with great players,good friendship,good subsitutes,good management,experienced and carismatic coach.
Good supporters,Media support...etc.etc.
We can add lots of things to this list and Lazio had it all.(except media support)
We already deserved it with our great team, staff and president.
But power of supporters was another factor ; i believe Juventus was under big pressure before Perugia game and Lazio supporters created this atmosphere...
Thanks to every single one who supported Lazio on this way...And we are the happiest people in the world.Not only the title,but,we got what we deserved after all the disappointments.

ALMEYDA!!! hero of the title!!!
been as loyal as nesta but we dont even need to mention him but im all seriousnees i rekon the whole team are the heros!!!


You're right, blackeagle, there's so many different factors that go into winning a title in league like Serie A. There's 7-8 world class teams along with a 4-5 teams who can beat anybody on a given day.

When you win a league like this one, you truly know you're the best.

Well done, Lazio!!!!
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