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I am brazilian etc... so i support brazil, and have a soft spot for Engalnd as i lived in Britain.

But in all the other groups which teams will you want to cheer, just for not being a neutral! As Nelson Rodrigues once said: "Only an idiot can be a neutral in a passionate game as football";) :cool: :D

Here are my teams that i will want to win in there groups:

group A:

Group B:

Group C:
?????:D ;)

Group D:

Group E:
Probably Ireland, but as they wear Green it will be quite tough! Camerroon wear green too, and Germany are just too boring, and Saudi Arabia are just too crap!

Group F:
ENGURLUND!!;) and of course anyone against the argies!;)

Group G:

Group H:
Don't care....Japan would be good to win and Belgium second so we can face them in the second round!

Group A: Uruguay (Sth AMerica!)
Group B: Spain
Group C: Brazil!
Group D: Portugal
Group E: Cameroon !!!
Group F: Argentina (england suck d|ck)
Group G: Ecuador (sth. America aswell!!)
Group H: Belgium

...i like the south americans and the underdogs definanlty.

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Group A: Guess...:eek: ;):tongue:
Group B: Spain
Group C: Brasil
Group D: Portugal
Group E: Cameroun
Group F: England, Nigeria, Sweden...;):D:tongue:
Group G: Mexico and Italy (for San Paolo only) ;)
Group H: Belgium

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The best thing is to support the teams who play an attacking and entertaining football to watch. And those who dares to give the aduience what they deserves. So I always keep my tumms for those teams. I also always hopes that the ones who play the opposit way are the ones who loses. So I always hopes that national teams who tries to destroy the beaitiful art calld football doesn´t go far in the tournament. Those teams are always Italy, Germany and the Scandinavian teams.
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