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Which sport do you hate

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I think everyone hate some sport in the world so tell us here what are they.

Here my 3 things that I really hate in this world.
First one is Golf :yuck::yuck::yuck:
The Second one is Rugbe:yuck::yuck:
And the third one is AFL (Australian Football League):yuck:
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golf and baseball... :yuck: nothing is worse than these...
i hate hockey....even though i live in canada....but im serbian so ya...i hate hockey haha
I hate watching rugby since I don't know any of the rules, so I get lost watching the games:D :eek:
oh yeah...rugby sucks too...i don't understand why people love it.. :D:D:D i don't know why they like it and how this game is played... :embarass:
Curling !!!!!!!!
what sport is that???
CRICKET!!!!!!!!!!NO 1 ON MY LIST!!!!

Golf!!!I sometimes really wonder why such a "sport" would become so popular!!Really!!

Baseball!!I just dont like it!!

Rugby!!!What's the point to play a sport where u'll lose about 3-4 teeths and have tens of cuts after playing it everytime!What's the point?!

Yeah,I'm in Australia right now!:rolleyes: :D

FORZA CALCIO!!!!!!!!!!:D
The sport I dislike watching is TENNIS!

Man....it's too boring!!! :D

To watch it you gotta have a strong and trainied NECK ;)
What a bout that stupid american football, - rugby with armour.
i hate 2 watch golf. i never watch it never. than rugby were like.joeyue SAID THEY LOSSE TEETH. and every game it has 2 be an injury. so does the AFL
Icehockey in sweden (elitserien) must be the most boring serie there is. In the olympics hockey was real - and fun.

Boring sports are Baseball, american football. Boring, boring.
GOLF I hate it.
Tennis is boring, ditto snooker to watch.
F1 if you consider it a sport is really boring.
Cricket is terrible, rugby is crap also.

Actually I only like watching football.
Syncronised swimming....whats the point???

The sport where the competers must WALK FAST, running gives them a disqualification....DAMN ITS UGLY

And finally fast-skating....its so boring!!!
I dont know if you consider chess as a sport, but it is damn boring to watch this ****...

also curling, I mean, what the **** is the point with that ****???huh?
curling :nerd: cricket :yawn: fast-walking :wth: and the German league (football)
hmm, cricket, tennis aside from Kournikova, golf, F1 and i dont like to watch rugby but to play is fun:)
I dislike F1 (coz of Schumi's dominance:D) , speed skating, golf when watching:yawn:.
I hate rugby (don't get the point), cricket, walking, handball, baseball :rolleyes:.
it looks like everybody hate Rugby :D:D:D
as most of you had said. golf, rugby, chess, and squash. :rolleyes:
i don't know why u'll hate golf so much its allot of fun to play....but boring 2 watch on tv
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