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Which Serie A forum is the best?

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Ok guys i though about making a thread to see how many good posters each XT forum got. Roma, Fiorentina, Lazio, Milan, Inter, Parma and Juve are all welcome here for some discussions, i don't chose Napoli, Udinese and Samp cause they just don't have enough posters to compare with the rest.

Here comes my list anyway:

7: Fiorentina
They still got a base of some decent posters around, but since Viola has started to suck and no much positive things happen with the club lately, the # of fans aren't increasing either, and not many fans of other clubs seems to come threre apart from the original Viola crew, the forum has lost it since the early days of Xtratime with Bati, Toldo and Rui Costa.

6. Roma
I don't rate the Roma forum that well. First they only have one active FM and that has meant more time for troublemakers, a negative thing. Secondly there aren't amny good discussions around there, in fact mostly of the Roma posters are "one liners" not many good posters over there who are up for some discussions, I also miss the old timers like Il Lupo and co. I get the impression the forum died out a a little since RAU started.

5. Lazio
Im sad to say this, really. I liked the Lazio forum alot, But lately there aren't many discussions there. Cause of LMF and cause of Rumours threads, still i see pleny of Lazio fans around here without posting enough in there own forum. If anyone would try to post a little more often it would only be better, hopefully guys like Mattias can post more often too.

4. Milan
It has always been quite lame cause of MM, but even worse now when guys like Bodat and Dae don't post enough anymore. I remember having some funny discussions almost about everything before. Now the forum seems quite deserted actually. Maybe some MM ppl could try posting more often aswell. come on Milan is a great club with many fans!

Some days it's more deserted then Lazio other days it's a little better,but in the end a draw the conclusions that it has lost it since it's glory days. Juveforums is another reason i guess, gosh every damn team got their own board nowadays.....Not strange their forums seems weaker. Anyway if some ppl would post more often it would be better here too, what happened to Flarg and co?

2. Parma
I've always liked the Parma forum, a very liberal forum without rumour threads and stuff and too me it seems that none of the original members are missing. Amo, Verdi, Willem etc. are still around. The forum is equal to what it was 2 years ago, and it's always fun to disuss thing there.

1. Inter
Not strange i rate Inter the highest, they still have a large fan base and lots of new threads all the time, sure some ppl post less and the quality has sunk when the likes of Tazz, Firdaus, Hk and Falcao don't post as much anymore, but the forum has still plenty of activity even through it also got it's own board by now. But it's still the best i guess.

Any comments :D
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I agree with everything you've written. I want to comment on the Roma forum, but I wouldn't want to be labeled a trouble maker. It's just that things are waaaaaaay too uptight in there, which has driven many posters, including myself, away.
I prefer this forum and the Italian National team forum, altho those have become a bit slim lately, too. We should plan on trying to pull everyone together soon in the National Team forum, so we can project good energy for the Azzuri for the World Cup.
The Inter forum has a lot of participants. The Udinese forum has dropped to nothing. Our moderators don't care about it and don't ever start topics. If it wasn't for Melix, the Napoli forum would be in similar shape.
Parma has a solid core of committed fans that their forum benefits from.
Milan forum is too much nostalgic. Always talking about the past.
Rijkaard said:
Milan forum is too much nostalgic. Always talking about the past.
that comes from the guy who calles himself Rijkaard:D
Rijkaard said:
Milan forum is too much nostalgic. Always talking about the past.

when u r not winning, u can only talk about the past...if u r in the scudetto race, u won't talk the past that much...just like in the NBA, NFL, when u r not going to the playoffs/NBA finals, u can only talk about the draft...nothing else...
Inter forum no doubt is thre best. Somany posts and of good quality too. Lazio forum used to be second best but as nasty nick pointed out it has dropped in recent months.
the lazio forum used to be very good...but this year, their forum has been very quiet...i hope the lazio fans will be active again and post more... :)
What I means is too many thread like:

"Some memorable moments of the past year...Enjoy!"

"Anecdotes/stats/stories about Milan"

Not sure if this is the best time of the year to evaluate the forums - it's almost time for exams in a lot of different university systems.... at least, that's my excuse for not posting more in the juve forum ;)
1. Inter & Milan
I haven't seen these forums a lot, only started to check them out lately. But those have given the best impression. There are people there frequently and something going on, at least.

3. Juventus
Very deserted compared to what it was 2 years ago, when I first saw it. A lot of the old timers have left and people like ralford are rarely seen these days.. :D Anyhow, there aren't too many threads, not very consistent posting either.

4. Parma
A smaller forum than those above but they still have relatively many quality posters around, by that I mean people who know their club, players etc. So despite being a small forum, whenever there is traffic, it's often worthwhile.

5. Fiorentina
Much of the same problem here. Veeery deserted forum, but whenever they post, it's usually interesting. Too bad Viola is going down this season and that most likely will not restore the traffic levels in this forum. :(

6. Roma
It has nothing to do with the club, however the Roma forum looks like a place that lacks the quality posts. I have only seen very few people posting stuff that is actually interesting enough to read. Otherwise it looks like they have a number of bandwagonists, much like there was a ton of Lazio fans last year and most of them are gone now.

?. Lazio
I don't really know the Lazio forum. It looks rather empty, which is the trend with all of these. But in connection with the above, all of the people who suddenly turned Laziale are gone from Xtratime now, leaving the actual fans behind. Normally, this should count as a plus but when you lose a lot of traffic...
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I will try and make an objective view of this as well. The forums like Napoli,Sampdoria and Udine is exluded. :(

7. Roma forum - Great team, but I wonder why this forum has such big problems to find some quality? It´s oneliners a lot there, or just plain insulting posts. There are exceptions of course where they have some great posters, but this forums reputation has been very bad for a long time now and judging myself, I too think it is the "worst" forum out of the big Italian big forums here.

6. Fiorentina forum - I don´t read this forum much, I must admit. I think it provide some quality when I am there, but not much quantity. Perhaps I´m being unfair with placing them this low. :embarass:

5. Lazio forum - This forums progress throughout the years has just gone downhill with LMF and missing posters. Not much quantity at all, and to me it seems as they have problems with keeping an active forum. However there exists some sort of quality there, and that´s why I can rate this forum better than the Roma forum for an example.

4. Milan forum - With MM being the place of the most Milanisti this become quite natural. They have quality, but if they could have their best posters post more often and have the quantity there, then it would be a very very good forum. Sadly for them, the quantity has never been much good there.

3. Juventus forum - Would be rated much lower if those Juve fans that just is around to bash other teams would be frequant at the Juve forum too. But luckily for them, they aren´t. Glen provides fantastic posts, same goes for Chinq when he´s around. The Juve forum has been improved this season when it comes to quantity, and they have quality too. Definetely among the best forums on Xtratime.

2. Parma forum - The most improved forum this season (ironic isn´t it?). Here pretty much every poster they have is very good posters. It´s very rare to see bad posts there, and they know what they are talking about. They have always had the quality with VERDI and Amo being the top posters, but with Enola and some other several Parma fans joining, the quality has also been improved rapidly. I´m very impressed with this forum!

1. Inter forum - I say this objectivelly or atleast try to be. It has been for about 1.5 year now been the most active forum BY FAR! Lately though, the quality there has become worse, but there are still so many quality posters around there and always about 25 active topics ever day. When guys like Tazz, Firdaus and HK are there, I can´t see any better forum. It´s really crap that they aren´t here more often. :tongue:
But IMO the best forum still, even the lack of quality lately.

Nice topic Nick! :)
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I dont know the other forums, but the Parma-Forum is very good. Finally I found somebody who knows about my club like I do (Amo, VERDI, cam...). Great job guyz :)
how come willem sterk hasn't posted in the parma forum for so long??? he is a great poster...he is really missed...
hey Nick, how do u compare the INTER forum and the Real forum??? coz i think they are both the most active forums...i guess the INTER forum is more active...the Real forum is probably second...but if u talk about quality, i think they have more quality posters...however, we also have a lot of great posters who don't come to post much (like TAZZ, firdaus, red, HK, Andy Simpson...) these guys are missed...
Well after coming to xtratime for the past 2-3 days I have to say that the MilanMania forums are still far and away better than indivual forum here on xtratime. I spent 2 years there without ever coming here since I really used up most of my time on the internet there. Fully satisfied. Plus there seems to be a hole heap of fans from other teams constantly coming there and our General Soccer section is very active.
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