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Which Liverpool player will go furthest in the WC?

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I hope like I have never hoped its Dudek. However it maybe one of the English boys, Xavier, who else?

My prediction? Dudek!
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I think Owen/Heskey. Or Hamann.
Definitely the English!!!

Engerland Engerland Engerland...

I think I'd add my voice to those who say the England boys..

Poland are good.. and with Dudek.. they seem very safe at the back.. but they're group does have a Portugal that is in the "Win or bust" stage and one of the hosts who are really taking it seriously (not as usual when Korea where there to complete the numbers)..

Germany, well first of all they play Saudi Arabia (Ok.. I'm hoping for the best here for my country.. but wouldn't bet on it).. but even if they do win it.. I'm predicting that Ireland and Cameroon will imerge as group winners and runners up.. and EVEN IF Germany make it through.. I would not bet on them reaching the QF.. so sorry Hamann.. :)

Is Diao a Liverpool player yet?? well even if.. I can't say I expect Senegal to each something like the QFs... :)

So it's Owen and Heskey who get my vote..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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