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Which clubs do you like most and least?

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As title says, which clubs do you like most and least in La Liga? and state why.


Barcelona - I love the football they play.
Athletic Bilbao - only basque players. Never been relegated. Great history
Sevilla - A club that can't seem to keep their players, yet they continue on. Like nothing has changed.
Atletico Madrid - I dont know,, I have watched them since they promoted I think it was, and struggled in midtables. I enjoyed following players like Torres, Aguero and others
Villarreal - came out of no where.. and has established itself as a top side

Recreativo - I dont like their football

I don't really have a problem with any club. Especially seeing as I dont truly support any.
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Almeria - I like them! Watched a lot of their games from Segunda in previous seasons.

Athletic - same as K4, I liked their local tradition and admire them for that.

Atletico Madrid - they do have some great players I enjoy watching.

Betis - Another team I like, probably more for their colours than anything else besides I prefer them to win Seville "derby" matches.

Deportivo - Don't care much either way here but they do have a good home record against the scum from madrid.

Espanyol - don't like them, but don't care much really either.

Getafe - Irrelevant to me.

Malaga - Like to see them in primera. A holiday destination for me so I like to see top class football.

Mallorca - My team!

Numancia - Irrelevant, although I admire their effort.

Osasuna - I hope they go down to segunda.

Racing - don't care

Recreativo - don't really care, but hope they stay up in primera.

Sevilla - One of my most disliked teams in Primera, since Javi Navarro's brutal assault of Juan Arango.

Sporting - don't know much about them but admire their recent form after the drubbings from barca and mierda.

Valencia - not one of my favourites because they always cause big problems.

Valladolid - Irrelevant

Villarreal - As K4 says "If we don't win La Liga, I hope it's them. I like them".
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