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In Primera, alphabetic order:

Almeria - I don't care about them. Just one more.

Athletic - I liked their local tradition, which is a bit romantic. A bit perverted lately, with all their attacks on Real Sociedad (I like them better, to be honest). A long rivalry between Barça and Athletic, most of the time healthy rivalry, although we had our... differences sometimes. I don't wish them any bad though.

Atletico Madrid - I don't like them. A long rivalry too. We're not liked much there and the opposite.

Betis - I admit I liked them more before than now. They were the team of the working class of Seville, but this situation faded away in the last decades. Recently, it's a team that I dislike.

Deportivo - I have minor sympathies for them. A big rivalry during the 90s and the early 2000s and now they're back where they were. They join us in the anti-madridismo, so fine for me.

Espanyol - I hate them with passion. Our first rival in history... now they're just something that bothers from time to time.

Getafe - I don't like them. Nothing special, but I don't like them.

Malaga - Irrelevant to me.

Mallorca - Good relationships with them.

Numancia - Irrelevant, although I admire their effort.

Osasuna - I like them. I wish them the best.

Racing - For some reason I don't really know, I don't like them at all.

Real Madrid - I hate them... easy.

Recreativo - Irrelevant to me.

Sevilla - The opposite of Betis. I disliked them where I was a kid, a team of the high class. Now I admire the way their work.

Sporting - I like this club. I've always admired their approach to the youth system and, also, their good conncetions with Barça (Quini, Abelardo, Luis Enrique).

Valencia - They can burn in hell with Espanyol and Madrid... perhaps I don't hate them that much, but it's near.

Valladolid - Irrelevant, but I've always disliked their good connection with Madrid.

Villarreal - If we don't win La Liga, I hope it's them. I like them.

In Segunda:

Good boys: Real Sociedad, Alicante, Celta
Bad boys: Hercules, Elche, Zaragoza
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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