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£81m - The amount Leeds currently owe in debt.
£20.3m - The amount Leeds have to repay their debtors before June.
£49.5m - The amount Leeds announced in October that they had lost in the last financial year, an increase from the previous year's loss of £34m.

£952,000 - The amount Leeds lost every week in the last financial year.
£25.4m - The amount Leeds would have lost in the last financial year if they hadn't taken into consideration the losses on players (Robbie Fowler, Lee Bowyer, Olivier Dacourt and Robbie Keane) sold for less than their valuations.

£21m - The amount Leeds owe to a Channel Islands company through which the club bought players on a 'hire purchase' scheme.

£60m - The amount raised by a 25-year bond secured against season-ticket sales and gate receipts.
£2.5m - The amount the Leeds coffers received from the sale of Harry Kewell to Liverpool in the summer. One month before, Arsenal and Manchester United had reportedly bid £8m for the Australian.

£100,000 - The amount received for the services of Lee Bowyer from West Ham after his transfer last January. It represented a shortfall of approximately £10m on the figure Liverpool had offered for the player six months previously.

£20 - The amount spent, per month, on leasing goldfish for chairman Peter Ridsdale's office.
£600,000 - The amount Leeds were paying for a fleet of 70 company cars for the club's directors. That figure includes £70,000 on just one car alone.

£70,000 - The amount spent in a single year on private jets for the club's hierarchy.
£70,000 - The total expense of headhunting a senior management figure at the club who then departed Elland Road within six months.

£300,000 - The amount Leeds gave to charity each year.
£11m - The transfer fee of Robbie Fowler when he joined Leeds from Liverpool in November 2001.
£6m - Fowler's transfer fee when he left Leeds for Manchester City 14 months later.
6 - The number of league goals Fowler scored for Leeds.
£500,000 - The amount Leeds will continue paying Fowler in wages for the next three years despite his departure.
£3.78m - The estimated total amount Fowler will receive by June 2006 from Leeds for his 'services'.
£1.5m - The amount said to have been paid in fees to agents for players signed by Peter Reid who are currently not in the first team.

£380,000 - The amount former chairman John McKenzie was paid before his resignation in November. A basic salary of £80,000 was supplemented by a £100,000 wage for his non-executive position and a further £200,000 for 'consultancy'.

£300,000 - The amount, as stipulated by his contract, the good professor was also paid in advance until September 2004.
£10,000 - The amount Seth Johnson is said to have earned a week at Derby before his transfer to Leeds.
£20,000 - The amount Johnson reputedly hoped to be offered by Leeds, per week.
£30,000 - The amount Johnson was reputedly told to 'take or leave' in preliminary 'negotiations' with Peter Ridsdale.
£37,000 - The amount he said to be offered 24 hours later. Presumably open-mouthed, he took it.
10 - The number of times (including substitute appearances) Johnson played for Leeds in the Premiership last season.
88 - The percentage of Leeds' turnover that is spent on wages.
21 - The percentage by which Leeds' turnover fell in the last financial year.
£64m - Leeds' turnover last year (down from £81.5m the previous year).
£56.6m - The amount Leeds spent in wages last year.
£7.2m - The amount spent by Leeds in the last financial year on compensation.
£5.2m - The amount spent compensating Terry Venables and David O'Leary following their dismissals. O'Leary was just 18 months through a five-year contract.

£850,000 - The amount Peter Reid will now receive in compensation following his sacking.
£300,000 - The amount paid in compensation to Eddie Gray when he was sacked as assistant coach in March (Brian Kidd is believed to have received a similar fee after his simultaneous sacking from the coaching staff).

6 - The number of months between Gray's sacking and his return as caretaker manager.
£450,000 - The amount Peter Ridsdale was paid per year in his position as Leeds chairman.
£300,000 - The reputed annual compensation now given to Peter Ridsdale, the current chairman of Barnsley.
£1m - The estimated amount Leeds have to spend per year compensating Ridsdale, plus former fellow directors Steven Harrison and David Spencer.

£500,000 - The salary paid to Trevor Birch, Leeds' 'current cost-cutter-in-chief', chief executive, and instigator of the inquiry. It's an amount which dwarfs the wage of Professor McKenzie and makes him the highest-paid director in the history of the club.

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Leeds is a perfect example of horrible financial management. What the hell were Ridsdale and his financial advisors thinking? Failure of qualifing to CL was enough to send the club into financial chaos. :rollani:

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Well. Same thing is happening Parma right now..:(
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