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Project 2: (30% of overall grade )

This project involves me giving a proposal to people who enjoy watching movies (mafia/gangster movies in particular). My propsal involves the basic outline of what I'm intending to do. The more research I recieve the higher points I get for planning. As I'm going to print this thread, I need people to only reply/post serious posts.

My project involves me making a 5 minute movie on a chosen genre. My genre is mafia/gangster movie. However, my movie can't be too similar to any blockbuster movie. For example, Calling my movie Goodfellas, or the main character Tony Montana.

You guys are going to be used as my research. As I've stated before, I'll be marked on both the quality and quantity of my research. Meaning, I'm very dependent on the amount of research I recieve from you guys, as well as the quality of your posts.
I need your views on how I can improve my movie, as well as ammendments to my initial proposal. Your views can involve areas such as:
a) improvements to the storyline
b) types of characters required
c) typical characteristics of mafia/gangster movies
d) appropriate tunes for the soundtrack
e) appropriate character names
f) speaches for the script
g) any other areas you can think of

My storyline involves a young boy seeking his father's revenge. The killer of the boy's father was his father's best friend. The boy's father and his killer (best friend), knew eachother since little kids. One became a mafia boss and the other a successful owner of a successful business. The mafia boss was once being traced by the police but the other one helped him out. When the business owners, business started the lose money, he asked helped from his best friend who he once helped. The friend refused and went as far as shooting his best friend. No-one finds the bold text out until the end of the film (not even the little boy).
The boy starts his quest by clearing out his father's killers rival enemy, because he believes they killed his father as the other mafia's boss is his father's best friend. Just as he kills the rival enemies boss, he is told that his father's best friend was the killer. Not believing the enemy boss, the boy still kills him. Finding his Father's best friends number, the boy calls him and finds out the truth. The boy kills everyone but spares his Father's killer by saying he'll let God decide what to do with him and gives him a picture of his Father and friend. As the boy is walking out, his father's killer shoots himself.

The end of the movie will have out-takes (things gone wrong) as the actors list scrolls down.

A thank you in advance to everyone who helps with the research.
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