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I am one of them!

Reasons, you want reasons!

I'll give you reasons!

and probably Crespo!
~~Almeyda~~....good luck at Parma!

5 already, ok?

OK, are we Italian club? Is Rome an Italian city? Do we want to be the next best thing to Barca's Dutch enclave?

Ever thought about the concequences, when all these players will be called to play with their national team?

Also, how many NON-european players may be starting in the first 11??
Ok, there are some with EU-passport..but still...

Now, after given you some reasons, could you give me some reasons to convince me that more Argentine players should be in Lazio?

Can't wait! ;)

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I dont want my Lazio to be like "English" Chelsea . In Chelsea there play two english guys, other are all around the world...

Lazio is Italian club, not Arg one. !

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Primo : Barça's problem was not the Dutch players but only Van ghaal who pushed away the best Spanish players ( Sergi , Nadal ,Ferrer , Amor , Guardiola ...) and puted in some poor others (Xavi Gabri ...)

Secondo : I don't think that those 5 players can't be replaced

Tersio : Veron Sensini and Lopez all of them have are E U citizens

more Argentinians in the team are preferable than Brazilians or Spanish ... (but certainly not Italians)
'cause they can't be compatible to the Lazio players !

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Don't you agree with more Argentine players, this will neglect the chances for other players, like ITALIAN talent!!??

Did you hear me say that they should be replaced?

They can't be compatible?
What do you think? like Nesta and Miha know Argentinian language?
And/or Spanish and Brazilian players dont know English, or cant be tought Italian language?

Same as SSLazio11 says, do you want it??
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