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yups barthes is keen to look for a move out..though he just won the league...

the scums were keen to snatch him 2-3 yrs ago..but haven't heard of any more rumours concerning them...

but monaco said if they're willing to sell him..it would be for a record deal..

bodat: what do u mean by monaco going to be very rich!??

monaco is financed by prince ranier..and already has money!!never wondered how they've got the money tp get gallardo and simone!?

monaco is amongst the richest french teams together with PSG and OM

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xax, i know they are a rich club!
but if you gain a significant money, it would make you more rich than now... :)
anyway! thanks...

about barthez, i wonder where he might go after this season... i really hope he won't go to MU.... what do you think?!

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Lots of rumours were saying that Fabien was gonna leave Monaco!He was even considered seriously by Milan during the last 2 summers
but he renewed his contract in Monaco and won't leave!
Barthez will be in Monaco unless a deal record is offered by some of the top Spanish or Italian teams is offered...
Allez Fabien!
Forza Magico Milan!
Hala Madrid!
Allez Les Bleus!
Arriba Espana!

Fabien Barthez, national goalkeeper
and captain of French champions Monaco, demanded a transfer on
Wednesday after his club coach allegedly accused him of throwing
a key match against his former club Olympique Marseille.
Barthez told French daily L'Equipe he refused to remain with
Monaco after he claimed coach Claude Puel had accused him of
being "paid off" by Olympique Marseille.
Puel and his deputy Jean-Luc Ettori reacted with a statement
expressing surprise at Barthez's accusations and saying he had
told them on Tuesday he planned to stay with Monaco until the
end of his contract in 2004.
They said they had criticised his performance in the match
against Olympique Marseille, lost 4-2 by Monaco, but said his
accusations were an interpretation of the meeting they did not
Barthez, whose trademark bald head is often kissed by his
team mates in a good-luck gesture before matches, said he was
deeply hurt by what he called Puel's accusation and his comment
that "he did not want a black sheep in the team next year".
"There are things I cannot accept. Like when Puel said to
me, 'At any rate I don't trust you. You did something to us in
Marseille. You had a debt the day of the match at the Velodrome
Stadium. You were paid off by Marseille'," he said.
Marseille's controversial 4-2 win over leaders Monaco on
April 7 gave Olympique a big leg-up towards surviving in the
French first division.
Monaco, who would have been crowned champions if they had
won the match, had two men sent off and Marseille one. Monaco's
Argentine midfielder Marcelo Gallardo was forced to stay in
hospital overnight with extensive bruising.
Barthez, who was part of the World Cup-winning team in 1998,
won the European Cup with Marseille in 1993.
"As these are insinuations I cannot accept, I called the
president (Jean-Louis) Campora the same evening. I explained the
situation to him and I asked him to put me on the transfer list
straight away," Barthez said.
"Three days ago I wanted to go to the end of my four-year
contract. But it is now out of the question that I work under
these conditions," he said.
In their statement, Puel and Ettori said they had told
Barthez he had underperformed in the Marseille match.
"These interpretations are his alone," they said of his
"He agreed to go to the end of his contract, wich pleased
us and reassured us about his intention to defend the colours of
ASM in future.
"This change of heart surprised us, especially since he went
to the press with it. One has to wonder about the deeper reasons
that led him to do this."
Tensions were already running high between Barthez and his
coach after the goalkeeper was dropped from last Saturday's game
along with striker David Trezeguet as punishment for not flying
straight home after a France match against Slovenia last week.
But the Monaco captain was adamant on Sunday that while he
disagreed with the sanction, he had no plans to leave the team
which clinched the championship on April 15.
The team was due to hold a final training session later on
Wednesday in preparation for a match on Thursday against Le
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