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where is Almeyda ??
why didn't he play today ??
why didn't he get a medal ?? i didn't see him celbrating for the coppa italia !!!
can any 1 explain what happend there ??
where the F*** was he ??

salam ................................ MO ...

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I didn't see Nedved either!!! :( :( :(
Did any of you see him?
I mean, I know he wasn't going to play but didn't he at least go to San Siro as well?
Yup no Almeyda, no Nedved. Who else was missing?
Had they been there, celebrating, my day would be perfect. Yey, I taped the celebration!!! :) Finally the TV had the mercy to show Lazio celebrating!

Forza Lazio
Lo Scudetto, Coppa Italia 1999/2000
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