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I began supporting Lazio in 1994 when I moved to Italy.I lived in the Lazio region and I could very quickly see how much the people there love their beloved Lazio.I felt their pain and cried with them when Milan pipped us at the post last year.Today,all that pain can be forgotten.The scudetto dream has finally become reality,despite referees biased to certain northern clubs !!I salute Cragnotti for his financial support without which we couldn't have made it to this scudetto.I salute Eriksson,a good coach yesterday who became a great one today.I salute the whole squad of players...tutti bravi !!!All the backroom staff,who work so hard behind the scenes,I salute you all.But I save my biggest salute for those of you who never gave up on this scudetto.In this forum their are people,and they know who they are,who never gave up.When we were 9 points behind,when we went to Turin,when Batigol scored that last minute equaliser,you never gave up.'Believe' was your battle cry.Well done to you all....You are true winners and deserve this wonderful moment.

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Yup...hope for the best :), expect for the worst... :(

Have faith in the team, continue to believe. For when we fans no longer have faith, who else will?
And never lose hope, for when you lose hope, nothing else remains...In the hardest times, sometimes it's only hope that you can cling to...It doesn't hurt to be idealistic, after all ;)

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