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When Brazil sings: "GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!"

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Funny that this England x Argentina is in the same week as the Queen's jubilee.;)

Probalby 99% of Brazil will be England since they were a child.....i'm officially since i was 10 years old;) :D :cool:

I think England will beat the argies tomorrow..after all it will be THIRD TIME LUCKY!;)

Just wanna see some battels in the pitch..... Scholesy against dirty Simeone, Heskey x Samuel, the trituration of Owen upon Placente, and what about Mills and Sorin...some sparks will come out of this one!

Becksy will loads to proove, this will be a game he'll rememebr all his life..a game to redeem himslef. And football will probaly remember forever!;) :cool:


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Owen and Beckham will play for her!;) :cool: :D
It was good that they were so DIRTY that they fouled inside the box...BECKSY SORING A BLINDER!!;) :cool:

Honestly, it was probably the worst free kick Beckham will take in all his career! ;) :D
I thught jpoint man of the match were Ashley Cole and Nicky Butt....the guy was in every single tackle......first time i actually enjoy seeing Nicky Butt play in my life!;)

Well, if you analyze the argie perfomarce versus Nigeria and Engalnd it was sort of similar. they have ball possession but as they play with the 2 wingers they emphasize there offensive game too much on them. As they are not as "silky" as an Edilson or Denilson the ball is always arriving rough to Batistuta (whne it hardly comes).
They do not have a play through the middle. Veron din't see the game today and when Aimar came on , he was playing way too far from Batistuta. And i doubt Batistuta has the skill to make a proper 1-2 the way a Ronaldo or Romario can do..his thing is really just to shoot to goal.

Sorin was another one that din't show up to polay, he din't play 10% of what he does in Cruzeiro.

All in all, the game was really good , tight , pyshical. Argentina were not violent..although commiting many fouls tehy din't abuse of their usual "catimba". It was mainly a rough game.

WHen Hargreaves came off I was very pleased, as i think he was one of the main reasons Engalnd played so bad in that second half against Sweden. He was not tackling no one and the Swedes were doing what they wanted in the ENglsih midfield and you just could not see Hargreaves on the pitch TACKLING. That was one of the main differences in Engalnd today.....Nicky Butt was simply solid, din't miss one single tackle and gave composure to Engalnd's midfield at the back.

I hope Eriksson starts Sheringham from now on.....until England plays Brasil......that will be another story!

It couuld have been 4x0 to england due to all the chances missed. I'm suprised taht a lot of people are talking bad about ARgentina. But they played almost the same way they were playing before, just that now they had a organized wall with a deadly counter attack. I have been saying for over a year now that the ARgentina defense is not all that.....run at them that they panic. That was what Owen did again today and they panicked. If Owen had a better partner up front than Heskey, the damage would have been more!

Let's hope they boook their ticket to Buenos AIres as quickly as possible.

And England are almost certain to qualify...... they can even lose to Nigeria and get through!

Juninho is like us too.... Brazil always 1st...England 2nd!;)
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the last team that Argentina had lost to was:


Guess tehy can't ahdnle the high pressure games!:D :D :D
They do....but i don't.

I lived in Cardiff many years, so i like following Liverpool and the premiership!

Plsu seeing Argentina lose is always a matter fo celebration!;)
My sister is suppoting Engalnd over Brazil!:eek: ;) :eek:

But anyway, as always....if we don't do it I hope you guys do it!;)

In Europe i always want English clubs to win....even Man Utd.!:rolleyes: :eek:

Nicky Butt and Ashley Cole were superb agaisnt Argentina....completely taking there midfield and Ortega out of the game!;)
The only time that Engalnd have played bad in the WC, was that second half agaisnt Sweden.....were the team completely fell apart!
me too nasty!;)

Final : Brasil x Nostra Italia!;)
When your broght up watching so many great playes everywere, were the build up to the play is essential, were skill and technique are the prime factor of a game, it is pretty difficult to enjoy a bunch of clueless players kicking the ball up the field and headering the ball anywhere.

I like it because i lived in Britain, so what i like is watching the fans sing and the will of the english players......but if you analyse the football quality......even I hate myself! It is quite poor if analyse it in a critical Brazilian frame of mind!
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