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Season's ending! It's mercato time, gentlemen! We now begin to figure out what will our squad look like next year and I can't help trying to think about it over and over again!

So, the concept of this thread is that all Juve fans post their analysis about next season's roster, something feasible if possible, not just fantasing please.


Lecce's Chimenti (32) will replace Carini, way too much talented to remain the #2 forever, who confirmed recently on the official site that he would move away from Turin, either on a 1 year loan or forever. Either, he deserves to get a regular spot and I wish him goodluck. Rampulla retires as 3rd goalie, probably in favour of primavera's Isaksson. Juve can make profits. Chimenti is a free agent and [/b]Carini[/b], if he was to be sold, would cost a fair sum of $$$ as he is one of the brightest prospect in the position. Also, the WC should be the occasion for him to impress potential clubs. Many hopefully, this way, the price inflates.

Out: Carini (?), Rampulla (retired)
In: Chimenti (Lecce), Isaksson (primavera)
Money-wise (+/-): We can make a profit on Carini after the WC if we keep his ownership for one more year.

GK's > Buffon, Chimenti, Isaksson.


I'm not keen on losing Thuram, especially as his main bug is not that he sucks but his position on the field. If he can't stand his rightback role like when playing with the French NT, then a 3men backline is the solution. That lowers the number of defenders needed, that implies we can get rid on the valuable backwings we don't have and we can sell (Paramatti, Birindelli) that implies we don't have to spend big on backwings as 2 lefbacks are needed now since Pessotto is out till October (and was to be relegated to the bench anyway for someone better) and 2 rightbacks would be needed too since Thuram's departure combined with Zenoni's would left us without anyone in the position. We bring Cannavaro in exchange for money and Zenoni+Maresca as it is strongly rumoured to be so according to the Italian media. Sad to see such a young talented prospect such as Enzo but he never seemed on lippi's plans so... Montero will probably leave too as his contract expires at the end of next season and it's now or never if we want to make a profit. Again, a huge loss, but balanced by the arrival of Cannavaro, which is rightly considered as one of the best defender in the world. I keep the world-class Tudor, the expert Ferrara (which won't be able to make another whole season as starter imo), Iuliano (which I've always liked) and Pessotto (who's very reliable and whom is injured and thus unattractive to any other club), I bring Fresi (free agent) who is a great addition as cover. As for Ze Maria, as good as he would be as cover, just cancell the deal because he is the way. We have enough depth in defence and with a good turnover, it will be just great.

Out: Montero (?), Zenoni (Parma), Paramatti (Modena),
In: Cannavaro (Parma), Fresi (Bologna)
Money-wise (+/-): Difficult to say. Selling Thuram and bringing Canna would make a status quo, but on the other hand, keeping Thuram (and still bringing Canna) and going for a 4men backline means we don't have to trust uncapable so-called players anymore nor need to buy a couple of good backwings. Montero is worth at least € 9m. Thus, I'd say that won't lose money in the process.

DF > Cannavaro, Ferrara, Fresi, Iuliano, Pessotto, Thuram, Tudor


Since I'm into tactical changes, the 3men backline automatically results in a 5men midfield. 2 defensives mid, 2 offensive one's. In my vision, that would fix our shortcomings in midfield and even make it one of the best in the world. Let me explain. What were our main problems this year in midfield? Wingers. In a 5men midfield, Zambrotta could be devastating (everyone knows that Zambi loves being excentred which he couldn't with Juve this season), and althought I have nothing to repraoch him on the center (quite the contrary, off course) the presence of a playmaker in the centre would help Nedved to fully express himself on the leftwing (he was the best in that position with Lazio, no reason he can't with us). Thus, I'd bring Atalanta's goleador, Doni, and put him in the center, keeping on a corner of my mind that he could take Nedved's role & vice-versa anytime. They're both very versatile and can alternate on the center and on the leftflank. There's off course the return from loan of Brighi, who is the best youngster in Serie A. I'd put him as starter in one of the two central defensive spots. Maresca is involved in the deal that sees Canna coming to Juve, thus bye bye. I'd keep Davids, whose passion and commitment are unmatchable, to partner Brighi in defensive midfield or even on the wing as he's an all-round player. I'd also Conte and Tacchinardi who would be one of the 4 to apply for a defensive midfiled spot. Same remark as Zambi: the 5men midfield suits Tacchinardi the best, he could be really good, as good as last season. And last but not least, Baiocco is also to arrive. 8 very valuable players and enough depth in midfield, as they're all versatile and a turnover should allow all of them to rest at times.

Out: Maresca (Parma)
In: Brighi (Bologna), Doni (Atalanta), Baiocco (Perugia)
Money-we (+/-): Brighi returns from loan (thus for free) and Baiocco's transfer has been handled already. We don't make money on Maresca since he's involved in a swap deal. Doni would cost us around € 18m I believe. No crazy economical move in midfield thus. It's all good.

> MF > Baiocco, Brighi, Conte, Davids, Doni, Nedved, Tacchinardi, Zambrotta


This department needs depth, 5 strikers that is. At leat 3 of them must be excellent. There are already 3 in this case: Del Piero, Salas, Trézéguet. But we need to protect ourselves against injuries and I don't ever want having to play Zalayeta or Amoruso during important games, for want of something better. We need another super striker. Among all the strikers that have been linked to us and that could happen, my pick is Mutu. He's rather young, proved in Serie A and it seems like a likey deal. I keep Zalayeta (for minor matches) but I sell Amoruso.

Out: Amoruso (?)
In: Mutu (Verona)
Money-wise (+/-): We won't earn anything but peanuts by selling Amoruso, unfortunately. Mutu's price tag is around €20-25m.

OF > Del Piero, Mutu, Salas, Trézéguet, Zalayeta

My 2002/2003 roster [3-5-2]

  • The A squad...

    ----------------------- Buffon ------------------- < GK
    ---------- Thuram -- Tudor -- Canna -------- < DF
    --------------- Brighi -------- Davids ---------- < DMF
    -- Zambrotta ------- Doni-------- Nedved -- < OMF
    ------------ Trézéguet -- Del Piero----------- < OF

    The B squad...

    -------------------- Chimenti ------------------- < GK
    ----------- Fresi -- Ferrara -- Iuliano -------- < DF
    --------- Baiocco ---------- Tacchinardi ------ < DMF
    -- xxxxxxxx ------- Conte ------- xxxxxxx -- < OMF
    ----------------- Mutu ---- Salas--------------- < OF
Now, admit it! That's a killer squad ! :lick:


But whatever happens...
Forza Juve ! :strong::proud::star:

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Sorry to burst your bubble, but Isaksson is long gone, he plays for Djurgården and is packing his bags for Korea/Japan as 3rd keeper of the Swedish national team...

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Now to the analysis....

I like your tactical plan, the 3 man defence appeals to me, as I've never been to keen on our super wingbacks. It would solve Thuram's problem and it should be rather stable with the quality centerbacks we have. To cover the defence, two defensive midfielders, a la Real Madrid, we seem to have the right players for that. I do have to ask, however, why do you rate Montero at a measly €9m when Canna would cost us around €40m?

Now the shaky point is the wings once again, as you have shown, we have little cover in case of injury (no players covering those positions in the reserve lineup) and although we have some versatile players, it would mean playing them out of their "actual" position, and that doesn't bring stability IMO. Apart from the offensive aspect, this is also important defence-wise, the wings provide some cover on the flanks. Admittedly, I don't know what Ze Maria will add to the squad.

The formation up front looks quite solid, we can only hope for better luck injury wise next season, Mutu for Amo gives a little more cover but not that much more IMO. We might consider adding another player from the Primavera to take a part time job in the first team.

Needless to say, these changes will depend on the transfers we make ahead. Despite what Moggi always says, the post/pre-season gives plenty of time to make a number of changes.

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montero (injured too much)
Conte (although he signed, i would sell him or swap him)

Nesta (for Montero and Carini)
Ze Maria
Coco (Tacchinardi and Birindelli if they want him)
Doni (Cash plus Conte, Amoruso)

keepers: buffon, chimenti

defenders: nesta, tudor, iuliano, thuram, coco, ze maria, pessotto, ferrara, zenoni, Fresi

midfielders: davids, nedved, zambrotta, doni, maresca, brighi, baiocco

forwards: del piero, trezeguet, salas, mutu, zalayeta

thuram nesta tudor
zambrotta davids nedved coco
trezeguet del piero

ferrara iuliano Fresi
Zenoni brighi baiocco Pessotto
Mutu Salas

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I'd love to see more than 1 ideal squad. If the coach plays his ideal squad in all important games, then the best players will be tired soon. If we want to win CL and the scudetto we'll have to rotate often.

e.g. If we should have a df: Cannavaro - Thuram - Iuliano. If you replace one of them by Tudor or Ferrara, the back-line isn't weakened and one player can rest. With Zenoni and Pessotto we can switch to a 4 man backline if needed. Zenoni, Pessotto and Tudor can be used in MF if needed.

About the MF, stephaño: Neved on the left, Doni in the centre and DP also on the left. That wouldn't work. Both DP and Nedved will run on the same side.

FW: DP, Trez, Salas, Mutu, Zalayeta: sounds fine


----------------Cannavaro ----- Thuram ---------- Iuliano

------Zambrotta ----- Brighi --------- Davids -------- Maresca


--------------- Trez ---------------------- DP

-------------------- Buffon

-------------------- Thuram ----- Tudor ------------ Iuliano

---------Zam ---------- Brighi --------- Davids -------- Doni

-------------------------- Del Piero

------------------ Trez --------------- Salas

-------------------- Buffon

---------------- Cannavaro --- Tudor ---------- Fresi

Zenoni ---------- Baiocco ---------- Maresca ---------- Doni

-------------------------- Nedved

------------- Salas -------------------- Mutu

enough possibilities, don't you think?

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I believe we need GK, and Gigi Buffon WAS NOT a great GK as I thought he would be. I just loooove the idea if Juve buy Toldo, he's a great GK, great reflection and nice ass...:rolleyes:

Sure, we can sell Paramati, I don't think he's not much for a player..


let's find our team a young talent and great Defender. I'd like the idea about Canavaro, but Nesta ????:rolleyes: :rolleyes: he's fat and he likes to grab other people shirts.. He's not much for a top defender like he did a couple of years ago, when Lazio won.


I hope they won't sell Tacchi, this the only year, he play horrible, let's count the best moment he had for Juve.
And, if it's possible, I wish Zidane is coming back.. we desperately need him:depress: , and with Davids, Nedved and Zidane .. Man... we rock!:nasty:
And, forget the idea to sell Zambro, he's good..
And, keep DP as a second striker or else put him as a Playmaker, not much for running but great pass, he may not good at scoring, but at least he has a great corner and free kick, any way... we still need his charm:D :D

so, this is my team Next year would be :
---- Buffon-----

---Tudor---Thuram---- iuliano


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Good ideas so far...

Goal - same as above (Buffon & Chimenti & Primavera player.)


I agree that we should have a three-man backline, but I don't think Thuram will be a part of it - he has stated that he likes to play as a central defender in a *four man* defense. Picky, eh?

So, I think he will be sold to Manchester - I think it isn't very likely that Scholes would head our way. Although Manchester also would like Davids, I think we should keep him. So, we get cash for Thuram, hopefully more that what we bought him for. I think Manchester will pay, since Blanc is adamant about retiring and they can't get anyone else of Thuram's ability.

Let's hope the rumours about a swap deal involving Tacchinardi for Cannavaro is true. Assuming it is, we should take it, even if we have to include cash.

I think we should aquire Fresi, even if Montero stays. I think we should try to hold on to Montero, but if Real Madrid offers big money for him, we shouldn't say no - he is getting older. I don't think they will make a big money offer, since their defense looks better at this stage of the season than it did a few months ago.

Starting backline - Tudor ___Montero___Cannavaro

Reserve backline - Ferrara__Fresi__Iuliano

Keep Pessotto (he's a good utility player) and sell Paramatti and Birindelli - possibly to Atalanta and Perugia, respectively.

Midfield: Same first team as stephanho. However, I think we can keep Maresca if we offer Tacchinardi to Parma. He should be our backup central midfielder - Conte should be a backup DM next year. Also, I think that Ze Maria would be our backup winger - he can play on both sides. Along with Pessotto this should be enough cover, although I think we should try to get another top-quality left-winger as a backup for Nedved - maybe Dede (from Dortmund) or Govou, from Lyon? If not, can Armand play as a left-winger? If so, we should sign him.

Attack: No change to the DP-Trez duo. Most prolific partnership in serie a? That's enough proof for me. We should sign Mutu, use some of the money we got for Thuram to do so, assuming any is left after buying Doni and Cannavaro. We should try to get D'Alessando on loan for a few million, with an option to buy before any other club can bid. If we can't secure him, we should buy Mantorras or get him on loan the same way. I think we are going to have to give up Zalayeta in order to land Ze Maria, so we need him for extra cover if we don't get d'Allesandro.

Admittedly, this might be a bit pricey for Moggi, but if we get a great price for Thuram and Carini (hopefully, his WC performance will drive up his value) it might not break the bank.

So: First Team

__________Trezeguet______Del Piero______________

Second Team

Ze Maria____________Maresca________________Dede

Utility Players: Pessotto, Zenoni, d'Allesandro/Mantorras.

How's that for a 25-man squad? Somebody call Moggi -
he needs a new assistant ;)

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Buffon - keep. obviously he is the best keeper in the world
Chimenti - great for a backup. experienced and talented
Carini - sell him to a club that gives him a chance
Rampulla - release him

so that leaves me with Buffon, Chimenti


Thuram - sell. he's too busy whining about his position and he obviously is not good enough as a centre back
Montero - keep. make him captain. he is our most influential defender and is irreplaceable
Iuliano - can you find a better backup defender? keep
Ferrara - release him, he has little more to offer and is just hampering the development of younger talent
Zanchi - he's had a successful loan spell, and should be a useful squad player
Paramatti - release. he's crap
Pessotto - keep. he is a real team player and very reliable
Birindelli - sell. doesn't seem to be good enough
Athirson - let him go. it doesn't look as if he will ever play for us anyway
Tudor - keep him. he should be a starter alongside montero for next year
Ze Maria - good crosser, should be a good bench player
Fresi - why we bought him is beyond me. sell

so that leaves me with Montero, Iuliano, Zanchi, Pessotto, Tudor, Ze Maria


Conte - has little to offer. release
Zambrotta - keep. one of the best right wingers on the planet
Nedved - keep. great performances this season, should be eased back into his left wing position
Tacchinardi - we all know what he is capable of. keep him as backup to Davids
Davids - heartbeat of the midfield. brilliant. must be kept
Maresca - keep. has shown much promise
Brighi - keep. has performed brilliantly and should be pushing for a starting place
Baiocco - not really needed in my team. sell
Zenoni - keep. promising and much better as a midfield than rightback

so that leaves me with Zambrotta, Nedved, Tacchinardi, Davids, Maresca, Brighi


Trezeguet - scores an absolute tonne of goals, and still improving. keep for sure
Del Piero - rediscovering old form it seems. this can only be good news. keep
Amoruso - not good enough. sell
Zalayeta - not good enough. sell
Salas - the best substitute striker in the world

so that leaves me with Trezeguet, Del Piero, Salas

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Riquelme - Brilliant creative attacking midfield. just what we need
Mutu - supersub striker
Mexes - promising young centre half who should learn from, and eventually replace Montero
Bellini - young Italian leftback to cover for Pessotto
Zauri - young Italian rightback, to replace Thuram and add some much needed youth to the team





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€ 18m for doni tihnk is overpriced, for that kind of money, id rather make a little push further and sign a better playmaker, zizou still never been replaced. im sad to see zenoni go, i thought he had a future with us. not been that bad at all, good cover to have.

i prefer CUG's starting 11, as nesta is the MAN!! i like canna, but a confident nesta is the best defender in europe.. canna or thuram though lads, wahts your vote?

i really liked buffon, but i have to agree toldo is the BEST goalie in serie A. bufon hasnt been as good as he was with parma, toldo is just sublime!!

havent we meant to have been signing riquelme for last 2 seasons?!!

we should sign a better playmaker than Doni. that move lacks ambition, typical of juve..

coco would be great though!! but a luxury, we need a central palyer so nedved is on the left

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Nice formations everybody! However, I don't think that most of you got my approach, the purpose of this thread! It's about having a plan based on rumours (i.e. I'd like Zidane, Mexs, etc but we've not been linked to them), rumours with some ground (no way we can get coco i.e., he'll either saty in Barcelone or return to Milan), on chemistry (not an addition of stars that would get us bankrupt) etcetera...


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I stated that some people didn't get my approach which implies that others did, no? Your plan is what I call... a plan. Good job, coach!


But ( there's always a "but", right? :D ) IF there was something I could still point out, it's that normally, Maresca and Zenoni are part of the eventual deal that would see Canna joining us. Or so it is strongly rumoured...

Hell, am I not fastidious? ;)

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Good posts Steph.

Still- to get really far with this topic, it would help greatly if Lippi popped in to give us the formation he intends to use.

3-5-2 (or 3-4-1-2) means that central defence is covered no matter if Canna/Thuram comes or goes.. if Fresi is really certain to arrrive that is. Like with every other system apart from a 3 striker one- it means that we only have to think of backup striker/s.
What we desperately has to think about is aquiring 2 offensive midfield playmkaer kind of players, AND wingback coverage for Zambro and Nedved.

4-4-2 (or 4-3-1-2) means that we will have to upgrade our wingbacks, add wing coverage and in my opinion get an offensive minded central midfielder as we really don't have anyone except for Nedved who should be a left wing player next year regardless of everything.

Anyway- like Steph I choose the 3 man defence, because it makes sense in every way I think.

As it's very speculative I won't ponder where this or that player will end up (how did you come up with Paramatti for Modena Steph. :howler: ) , financially it shouldn't be that unreasonable, but here are the "cessioni":

Carini, Rampulla (retires),Thuram, Birindelli, Paramatti, BAIOCCO (I don't care for him at all- use him to get someone else, sell him whatever) Tacchinardi, Zalayetta, Amoruso + Primavera players being loaned out which can also influence deals.

Incoming: Chimenti (free), Sartor (free), Cannavaro, X (backup for Nedved/Pessotto), Ze Maria, Corini, Doni, Brighi (free), Corradi, Govou.

So we sell 3 big players moneywise (Carini, Thuram, Tacchinardi), 2 semi expensive (Baiocco, Zalayetta and some fianaicial lightweights. We get 3 expensive ones (Cannavaro, Doni, Govou) + 3 medium Ze Maria, Corini, Corradi.

___________Trezeguet______Del Piero____________

Ze Maria_______Brighi______Maresca______Pessotto

Additional players: Zenoni, Conte, X

.... I've heard something about a new UEFA directive asking for max 25 players in a squad. Don't know if it's a hoax (it sounds like it), but this is 25 players. It's much more creative than the current squad, and squad rotation is easy. Moreover- there are 17 Italians, 7 "stranieri" and an X.

If we want to be picky, we could ask for Veron in exchange for Thuram. Then we won't buy Corini (who I rate as the best Italian regista). With Conte and Davids both ageing- not keeping the starting midfield duo of the Azzurrini is just..... :fero: .

Ohh. btw. am I the only one who would MUCH prefer Riquelme or Ronaldinho to D'Alessandro ?


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Glen said:
(how did you come up with Paramatti for Modena Steph. :howler: )
Ohh. btw. am I the only one who would MUCH prefer Riquelme or Ronaldinho to D'Alessandro ?
Modena, who are already assured of their participation in Serie A next season, have apparently come up with an offer for the Pirat . Money-wise, that would meet our demands (1000 fake juventini hired to cheer for us in the stadium! :D Or was it two cows and three camels?) and looks like they'd be actually... pleased... to have such a player in their roster. Hmmm...

As for Ronaldinho, I prefer him to both Riquelme and D'Alessandro! :lick:

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Ze Maria, Corini, Doni, Brighi (free), Corradi, Govou

Glen, I hear that Juve has show some interest for Doni, Ze Maria and Govou, but I haven't hear anything about Corradi and Corini?
Have you hear something about this two? or its just your picks...
Coz I would love to see them in Juve, especially Corini...
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