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Wassup, macedonian bros ;) Recently Gjoko Hadžievski gave a short little personal interview to one of the sport web-portals in Azerbaijan, and since I had some spare time on my hand I thought to show it to you. I did some quick translation, so enjoy.

What's inside Gjoko Hadžievski fridge?
09-03 00:45

Have you ever heard about Azerbaijan before you came to Baku?
Yes, I've heard about this country, but I never knew too much about it.

What do you think is the difference between Macedonia and Azerbaijan?
Well, you have oil, gas and the sea. We have none of these, unfortunately. In that sense Azerbaijan is a rich country. People can afford to live well.

Do you live well in Azerbaijan?
(smiling) I have no reasons to complain. I work here and I feel pretty comfortable. People are very friendly and hospitable.

What do you do in your spare time?

I like watching european championships. My favorite is the English Premiership, but my favorite team is "Barcelona". Truly an amazing team.

Do you really spend all your time dealing with football?

Of course, not. I love going out and spending time with friends.

What about cooking. Do you like to cook?
Not really. Unless I'm with my family, I prefer dining out in restaurants. Too bad you can't find "selskomeso" in Azerbaijan.

What is it?
It is very good macedonian dish made from meat. I know azerbaijanis love meat, so you will like it.

And what about alcohol?
I enjoy a good glass of wine or whiskey. I really liked Azerbaijani wines. But more than anything I love sweet stuff, and so does my assistants. Chocolates, cakes and cookies are my passion. You can't imagine how many confections I have stuffed in my fridge.

We've heard you have an Azerbaijani flag at home.

Yes it is true. I keep it in my bedroom. I also have "Baku" flag and pictures from our games. It helps me to think about work.

What kind of music do you listen?
Steve Wander, Julio Iglesias, and I also love Tose Proeski. I adored this guy. Too bad he recently died in auto crash, and the whole country is still mourning. He had a divine voice.

What about your family. Do you miss them?
Of course I do. Luckily the mankind invented the Internet and web conferences, so now I can talk to my family much more often. Recently my wife participated in the macedonian version of "Who want's to be a millionaire" and I was watching it online over the Internet.

How far did she go?
I think she got busted on 10th question. She gave a wrong answer on the question who was a star of the movie "Interview with the Vampire". I think the answer was Brad Pitt. By the way, the host Sasho Machanovski was asking her how am I doing in Azerbaijan.

Do you plan to bring your family to Azerbaijan?

Unfortunately I can't do it right now. Plus they are too tied to Macedonia. You must know it very well what it is to be born in small but very proud country. You just never forget your roots and you just won't give it away for anything.

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you welcome guys, Hadžievski is really very nice guy that is beloved by both fans and media and the best ambassador of Macedonia
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